What the GOP Presidential Candidates are Saying About Paul Ryan

All eyes on Rep. Paul Ryan as House GOP remains in disarray 3:36

As Republicans in Congress clamor for Rep. Paul Ryan to run for speaker of the House, the GOP presidential field has so far displayed only tepid support.

The Wisconsin Republican told NBC News late Sunday that he has not changed his mind and remains uninterested in becoming speaker. But that has not stopped his colleagues from mentioning him as the best candidate to appeal to the fractured Republican party.

Here is how some of the 2016 field feels about a possible Ryan speakership:

Donald Trump

On CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday, Trump recognized Ryan’s appeal to the party, saying Ryan is someone “that could get good support.” However, Trump acknowledged Ryan’s disinterest in the job. In response to the possibility of Ryan assuming the speaker position, Trump said he would be “OK” with that.

“I would be OK,” Trump said. “It may not be him. They have a couple of people in there. I'm not going to mention names, but people I know that are really tough and really smart. And right now, that's what we need, because the Republicans never win.”

Ben Carson

Trump’s fellow outsider Dr. Ben Carson also appeared on Face the Nation. Carson did not give Ryan a ringing endorsement, although he did say he likes Ryan as a person. Carson advises House Republicans not to rush into the decision.

“I think he would do a fine job,” Carson said. “I hope that all of the people who are being considered will have an opportunity to put forth their philosophy on leadership, and that the members can make an intelligent decision.”

Chris Christie

For Christie, it’s less about who it is and more about results. Christie echoed the sentiments of many Americans in his dissatisfaction with the House. According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, only 22% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Boehner.

"What they want is a Congress who is actually going to do something," Christie told CNN.

He has previously said, "Nobody in America cares."

Lindsey Graham

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham called for unity in the GOP today when speaking with the media at the No Labels Conference in New Hampshire. With the 2016 election looming in the near future, he said it’s crucial for Republicans to show solidarity in selecting a new Speaker.

“We’re teetering on an edge,” Graham said. “If we can't find a new speaker that we can all get behind fairly soon, then I think the house republicans are going to make a mistake.”