First Read's Morning Clips: Clinton Super PAC to Start Ad Blitz

Image: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Clinton pauses as she addresses a reception for the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies in Washington
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pauses as she addresses a reception for the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies in Washington, United States, May 4, 2016.JIM BOURG / Reuters

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OFF TO THE RACES: Clinton Super PAC to begin ad blitz on Trump

CLINTON: NBC’s Kasie Hunt reports that Priorities USA will air $6 million in anti-Trump ads starting on Wednesday.

Everything from her past will be on the table during the general election, Trump advisers say.

She's fighting to win in Kentucky and break Sanders' streak.

From the Washington Post: "Hillary Clinton’s declining personal image, ongoing battle to break free of the challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders and struggle to adapt to an anti-establishment mood among voters this year have become caution signs for her campaign and the focus of new efforts to fortify her position as she prepares for a bruising general election. More than a dozen Clinton ­allies identified weaknesses in her candidacy that may erode her prospects of defeating Donald Trump, including poor showings with young women, untrustworthiness, unlikability and a lackluster style on the stump."

The Nevada Democratic convention got pretty heated. The Washington Post catches you up on what happened and what the fight was all about.

Clinton went into pretty specific detail over the weekend about what her husband's job could be in the White House.

From the AP: "The House Benghazi committee's Republican chairman is ignoring statements by his own former lawyer indicating that the U.S. military acted properly on the night of the deadly Sept. 11, 2012, attacks in Libya, the panel's Democrats said."

"Targeted by progressive activists hoping to kill his chances of being Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Julián Castro is set this week to announce changes to a hot-button Housing and Urban Development program to sell bad mortgages on its books," writes POLITICO.

TRUMP: He's feuding with British PM David Cameron and insisting that he's "not stupid."

In case you missed it over the weekend, here's the big piece from the New York Times about Trump's treatment of women.

The Wall Street Journal says he wouldn't have had enough cash to finance his own campaign in the general election.

Trump was a clear target of Obama's commencement speech at Rutgers on Sunday.

Jane Timm writes on what the conservative movement wants to hear from Trump.

The New York Times also takes a look at how social conservatives are warming to Trump.

The Washington Post looks at Ben Carson's role as a sometimes-unhelpful Trump surrogate.

Billionaires who are lining up behind Trump aren't sure where exactly to send their donations.

And from POLITICO: "An increasing number of unauthorized groups are invoking the presumptive GOP nominee’s name to raise money, suggesting that they’ll use the cash to support his campaign, even as some appear to be spending most of their money on contracts with favored consultants."

VP watch: Possible Trump VP candidate Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, facing a big budget hole, is eying a plan to expand Medicaid.