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First Read's Morning Clips: Unexceptional but Masterfully Executed

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day.
Image: Kaine and Clinton walk through balloons at the end of the DNC
Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton walk through falling balloons during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 28, 2016.J. Scott Applewhite / AP

OFF TO THE RACES: “Unexceptional” but also “masterfully executed”

From NBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald: "On an historic night in a revolutionary election year, Hillary Clinton delivered an unexceptional speech to accept her party's nomination and close out the Democratic National Convention. There's nothing subversive about the former secretary of state, aside from her gender. So instead of reinventing the wheel, Clinton exceeded expectations by being her best: Forceful and cogent in a masterfully executed speech.”

Clinton “accepted the Democratic nomination Thursday night with an appeal for a more collaborative and unified nation in the face of domestic divisiveness and global uncertainty. And she described her opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump, as a self-absorbed and unstable leader antithetical to America's need for cool-headed and compassionate leadership,” writes one of us(!).

From the AP: "Hillary Clinton capped off a four-day convention celebration with a plea for national unity and tolerance. Now, one of the most divisive and distrusted figures in American political life must convince voters that she rather than Republican rival Donald Trump can bring a deeply divided nation together."

The New York Times: "Declaring that the nation was at “a moment of reckoning,” Mrs. Clinton, 68, urged voters to reject the divisive policy ideas and combative politics of the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump. She offered herself as a steady and patriotic American who would stand up for citizens of all races and creeds and unite the country to persevere against Islamic terrorists, economic troubles, and the chaos of gun violence.”

And from the Washington Post: "Hillary Clinton sought to transcend doubts about her character by presenting an uplifting vision for the nation’s future, delivering the biggest speech of her enduring public life here Thursday as she formally accepted the Democratic presidential nomination."

One of us(!) fact-checks the speech.

The Washington Post asks: Is it ‘Morning in America’ — for Democrats?

One of the most powerful moments of the night: The father of a fallen Muslim American soldier told Trump “you have sacrificed nothing.”

The Wall Street Journal writes on how Clinton is targeting the Rust Belt.

Could Donald Trump be denied national security briefings? Leigh Ann Caldwell and Robert Windrem take a look.

Trump is distancing himself from the Republication National Convention, saying he didn’t “produce” the show.

The New York Times reports on Democratic efforts to win over Republicans skeptical of Trump.

Clinton has been the biggest beneficiary of donations from hedge funds this cycle, the Wall Street Journal reports.

POLITICO delves into the drama of the DNC dysfunction.

Hackers also appear to have launched an attack on the DCCC.