Trump Campaign Touts ‘Pittsburgh Not Paris’ Rally

WASHINGTON — Supporters of President Donald Trump will gather in front of the White House in a show of solidarity this weekend.

The Trump-Pence campaign announced a "Pittsburgh Not Paris Event for President Trump" Saturday morning to demonstrate support for the president's controversial Thursday decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. The event is hosted by the Fairfax County Republican Party Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia.

"Dress in your most patriotic, red, white, and blue outfit," the email instructs, including jabs at the mainstream media for keeping Trump "under siege."

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The event coincides with another, decidedly less pro-Trump march: The March for Truth, which will take place D.C. and over 100 other cities, also on Saturday. The Washington Truth March will occur blocks away from the White House at the Washington Monument, and there will be hours of overlap between the two events.

The March For Truth aims to pressure Congress for an independent commission to investigate alleged ties between Russia and Trump's campaign. Despite the Department of Justice appointing Robert Mueller special counsel in the FBI investigation into alleged Russian meddling and Trump campaign collusion, activists hope that Congress will create a commission similar to the one that investigated the 9/11 attacks.