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White House Staffers Dismissed, Failed Background Checks

The White House has reportedly parted ways with several staffers after they failed background checks.
Image: A group of Secret Service police gather on the North Lawn as a member of the Secret Service Counter Assault team surveys from the White House rooftop
The White HouseJacquelyn Martin / AP

The White House has parted ways with several staffers after they failed background checks.

White House Chief Digital Officer Gerrit Lansing and Deputy Assistant to the President for Scheduling Caroline Wiles were among six staffers who didn’t pass the extensive checks.

Lansing, who previously headed the Republican National Committee's digital operation, declined to comment on the reason for his departure from his White House post.

Politico first reported the dismissals.

One source close to the White House, with direct knowledge, told NBC News that staffers were not being given proper guidance on best practices for filling out these forms. Answers not completed correctly could make minor issues job-derailing offenses.

But a White House official pushed back on that, saying "there were people in place that were able and willing to answer questions or offer clarification on the forms or processes," if any staffer had needed help.

The White House declined to give the names of the other four staffers dismissed and said they don't comment on personnel issues.

The SF86 security questionnaire is required for White House staffers in national security positions “to determine whether you are reliable, trustworthy, of good character, and loyal to the U.S.”

The Office of Personnel Management form is 127 pages long and includes questions ranging from past employment history to use of drugs or controlled substances to financial holdings.