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Glenn Beck puts Obama figure in jar of 'pee pee'

Conservative media personality Glenn Beck's attempt to sell a project he called "Obama in Pee Pee" was thwarted by eBay Wednesday, but Beck then began taking bids via email instead.

Glenn Beck's Obama bobblehead floating in a jar of what he joked

On Tuesday, Beck was discussing a controversial painting titled "The Truth," which shows President Barack Obama in a Christ-like pose wearing a crown of thorns.

Dressed as a parody of an artist, Beck pointed to a copy of the Constitution and said, "That document means I can't stop (the artist), and the spirit of that document is that I shouldn't try."

After painting clothing on replicas of some famous nudes, Beck then walked to a large jar of yellow liquid, calling it "my own specially brewed CountryTime, if you will."

Placing a bobblehead of a flag-draped Obama in the jar, Beck called the president the "savior of mankind" and announced, "this is when icon and art come together." He labeled the jar with a pricetag of $25,000.

"So whether you're offended by this one or by this one," he said, indicating the Obama jar and a framed copy of the painting showing Obama in the crucifixion pose, "Sucks to be you, doesn't it? Welcome to America."

He then said if the original project sold, he would make another one featuring "Michelle Obama and her little abs."

On Wednesday's show, Beck was given a letter from eBay, where bidding on the jar had topped $11,000. The letter said the auction had been removed because it contained "bodily waste." The liquid was revealed on Beck's website to be beer, not urine.

"But everybody on the left, they are so open and tolerant, and they just don't like it when people complain about taking the image of the savior and putting him in pee pee," Beck said. "But the savior Obama in pee pee? Oh no, that's just too much."

Beck said proceeds from the sale of the jar would go to his Mercury One charity.

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