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Dancing With the Stars: Artists Remix NASA Space Sounds Into Music

A group of musical artists has created a free EP of music created entirely from NASA's collection of space-related sounds.
Image: Radio telescopes
Radio dishes are pointed skyward at the Australian Telescope Compact Array at the Paul Wild Observatory. CSIRO file

A group of Italian musical artists has created a free EP record made from NASA's collection of space-related sounds, from rocket launches to cosmic background noise. The space agency uploaded decades of recordings to SoundCloud in October, encouraging people to listen or use them for their own purposes. And that's just what these electronic artists from Fabrica Musica did for the four-track collection "80UA."

The result is a bit more abstract than you'll hear on the radio or dance floor, but it's fascinating to think they're constructed entirely from sounds gathered during NASA's missions and research. "The mystery of these sounds' origins really fascinates me," one artist, JWCM, explained to the Creators Project. "The time and distance they have traveled, the hidden messages that they might carry with them. All this makes these sounds really magical to me."

You can listen and download the tracks for free over at the label Band Panda's SoundCloud site.



—Devin Coldewey