The Martian’ Movie Trailer Shows Scientifically Accurate Mayhem

The first full trailer for the movie "The Martian" has hit the web, and the film looks as action-packed and (relatively) realistic as the bestselling book by Andy Weir that inspired it.

Matt Damon stars as astronaut Mark Watley, member of a manned mission to the surface of Mars that goes horribly wrong: the crew loses Watley in a storm as they make a hurried escape from the planet, and he is presumed dead. Of course, he isn't — but with no crew, no supplies and no way to communicate with Earth, his chances of survival are slim.

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How Watley copes with his situation, and the inventive means he devises to stave off death, even for a few minutes, made for a good read — but the best part is that this science-fiction story was heavy on the science and light on the fiction. Astronauts and physicists have praised the research and attention to detail evident in the book. Let's hope the movie has the same factual feel. We'll know for sure in November when "The Martian" hits theaters.

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