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Allform's custom couch fits the whole family

Putting it together wasn’t as simple as we thought but we made it happen — and love the results.
Three dogs sitting on leather sofa. Shop custom, sustainable furniture at Allform including modular sofa, ottoman, pillows, and armchairs.
At Allform, you can shop custom, sustainable furniture including modular sofas, ottomans and more. Allform

We had one of those couches that was just… rank. The kids were relentless: My 4-year-old often asked me, “Mommy, why is our couch falling apart?” — as he pulled out piping from the pillows. (Thanks, kid.) It was covered in dog hair that seemingly no amount of vacuuming would solve. It just sat there in our living room, a sad lump of fabric. When we decided to move away from our home, my husband and I knew we’d toss the old couch to the curb and cheer as trash collectors lifted it into the truck. But you can’t have two small kids and survive without a couch. We knew we needed a new one. That’s when I found Allform.

If you’re familiar with the mattress-in-a-box phenomenon, let me introduce you to its cousin, the custom-designed, mail-order couch-in-a-box. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Furniture comes to your home, disassembled in boxes. You then build up the couch and congratulate yourself on yet another upgrade.

This idea was especially appealing to us because we were moving from our four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment. (In short: The house we were buying fell through the day before we sold our current home — so now here we are in super close quarters.) For anyone who’s lived in an apartment, tell me you haven’t fretted that the couch wouldn’t fit through the door or up the stairs (or in the elevator)? Have you really lived if you haven’t had to take a door off just to get your couch in — and then still find a way to jam it in? I wanted an Allform because you can build your couch almost exactly to your preferences, all online. There are three decisions you need to make, allowing Allform to customize your choice furniture without overwhelming you:

  1. Design. Allform couches sport a modern, modular design. You can choose anything from a loveseat, three-seat sofa or corner sectional to an 8-seater. My go-to design was a 4-seat sofa with double chaise — I’m all about mega comfort on our movie nights.
  2. Fabric. There are seven fabrics and two leathers to choose from. We went with a Whiskey leather.
  3. Leg finish. Natural, walnut, or espresso? We chose the walnut.

Allform 4-Seat Sofa With Double Chaise

That’s all: Our order was complete. Within a week, the couch came to our door in six separate boxes. That’s when things got slightly challenging — but overall fine — we’re still enjoying the overall process and loving our new living room staple.

Allform boxes

The boxes were significantly large, which surprised me. I have a history of mail-ordering mattress-in-a-box beds, which are pretty slim and moveable despite what you might predict. I could never have gotten these boxes into my apartment alone, even if I lugged each one individually. Using the building’s luggage cart was a must, and it helped me get the Allform boxes through the hallway.

Couch assembly

Next, you have to assemble the couch yourself. We unboxed the frame, cushions and legs and watched as our kids jumped all over everything, thrilled that they finally had a room covered in cushions, just like they’ve always deserved. One major selling point is that assembly is supposed to be easy. Watch the video and you’ll be convinced that 15 minutes is all you need. It’s not all you need. Basically, you’re connecting the couch cushions and back, then put together arms on each and finally screw in the legs.

At one point, my husband wasn’t able to secure the arm of the couch into the cushion and threatened to “fight this couch.” But a short break and some brainstorming led us to meddle with a couple parts of the base and we fixed the problem — overall, the entire build took us a couple hours.

Modular design is a huge perk

Notably, we wound up with a totally different couch design — a miracle of the versatile nature inherent in all modular furniture designs, Allform’s among them. We’d planned on putting the couch against our largest wall in the living area, but did a last-minute switcharoo and moved it to the opposite wall. There, a four-seater simply wouldn’t fit. Since we couldn’t just block one of our doors, we had to change course and transform the sofa into a three-seater last minute. With any other couch, that wouldn’t be in the realm of the possible. With this one, it was its designed purpose. We boxed up the extra chaise and saved it for some other future home, where a larger wall might allow it to exist. Easy.

The chaise we kept, notably, can also migrate to any other location on the couch effortlessly should you change your mind from one day to the next. All you have to do is replace the base underneath the chaise (which looks like an ottoman) along with its large cushion to another spot and — boom — you have a different configuration.

Safety and comfort

I’m really impressed with the quality of this couch. It’s buttery, soft and perfectly cushiony. That’s equally great for the adults in the family who use a couch as it was intended (to sit and lie on), as well as for the kids who don’t use it as you’re supposed to — they prefer to jump on it or off of it. Throughout their abuse, the couch nicely bounces back and maintains its form. When their cute faces hit the couch arms, it absorbs enough of the impact that no one cries — a real win.


Another factor I appreciate is the company’s sustainability mindset. All of the padding comes from recycled materials, 95 percent of the metal is recycled and the wood is sourced from a Sustainable Forest Initiative vendor. It’s also manufactured in their facility in North Carolina.

Return policy and warranty

When it comes to the risk inherent in shipping an investment like furniture to your home, it's good to know what your options are if things aren't exactly to your liking.

  • Allform doesn't charge you for shipping and promises the furniture will arrive in less than two weeks
  • The brand gives you 100 days to return everything for your money back — the process of returning the couch is likewise completely free
  • You get a three-year warranty on Allform's cushions and exterior fabric and leather (limited to manufacturing defects)
  • Allform gives you a lifetime warranty on the furniture's frame

Allform family of furniture

Right now, I’m typing this up on my Allform, completely happy that this couch functions as my workspace during the day and, later, as our family’s place to snuggle up at night. But that’s not the only way Allform can fit your space. Aside from their loveseats and couches, Allform also has a few other piece of furniture and accessories to help complete a chic living space:

Allform Armchair

With a 36-inch width, you’ll have plenty of room to laze about and relax in this armchair. The wide cushion and low profile is comfortable and attractive in your space.

Allform Armchair with Chaise

This Allform couch is big — and comfy — enough for a mid-afternoon cat nap. The fabric stands up to everyday wear without pilling or staining.

Allform Square Pillow

At less than $50, this pillow is square (a perfect 18” x 18”) and squishy. It’s durable enough to bounce back and hold its shape day in and day out.

Allform Ottoman

Put your feet up after a long day (or, you know, make it part of your working from home setup) with this ottoman that can complete any couch or chair design in the Allform family. Made with heavy duty double rub count fabric, it can handle your feet.

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