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Amazon Halo View fitness tracker: Everything we know about it

The Halo View is built with multiple sensors to provide health insights like heart rate and blood oxygen levels, Amazon says.
Amazon Halo View
Yesterday, Amazon started shipping the Halo View, its new fitness tracker.Amazon

The Halo View, Amazon’s new fitness tracker, has begun shipping. It has been available to pre-order since late November, several months after Amazon announced it. The Halo View can be used to track health metrics, monitor your activity and record workouts in real time, according to the retailer. It’s currently the number one bestselling heart rate monitor on Amazon.

There aren’t many user reviews available yet given the Halo View just started shipping this morning, but a review from tech site GeekWire concluded that “overall it’s a good health band,” the reviewer adding that the base model rubber band you get with View was their “biggest pain point.” In answer to this, Geekwire recommends investing in one of the $30 fabric bands. The new bands — in fabric as well as other styles — are currently on sale and start shipping Dec. 22.

Health trackers similar to the Halo View include a recent Fitbit addition, the Charge 5. Oura also recently released a new health tracker, the Oura Ring 3, and the Apple Watch Series 7 was introduced in the fall.

Amazon Halo View

You can get the Halo View with a sports band in small/medium and medium/large sizes. The Halo View is sold with a sports band that comes in Active Black, Sage Green and Lavender Dream colors — Amazon is also selling additional accessory band options separately. The fitness tracker equips an AMOLED color display and is built with multiple sensors to provide health insights like heart rate and blood oxygen levels, Amazon says. It’s also designed with a skin temperature sensor and an accelerometer.

The Halo View is water-resistant for up to 50 meters and provides up to seven days of battery life on a single charge, says Amazon, which adds that the Halo View can charge fully within two hours. The fitness tracker can be paired with the Halo app via Bluetooth for personalized exercise programs, health and movement assessments, and sleep scores. You can also receive text notifications and reminders to move or start workouts from your wrist.

Additionally, Halo is compatible with Alexa — you can connect them in the Halo app. And when you purchase the Halo View, it includes 12 months of full access to Halo membership features, workouts and other programs before it auto renews for $4 per month.

Amazon Halo View Accessory Band

You can buy several different accessory bands for your Halo View in numerous materials, including a polyester/nylon/spandex fabric blend, a TPU plastic, a woven nylon and a cowhide leather. The bands also come in numerous colorways, including Active Black and Ready Red for the TPU plastic version and Salt and Pepper and Unicorn for the fabric one. The bands range in price from $20 to $30.

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