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Why Foreo's Luna 3 was an upgrade to my skin care routine

The Luna 3 leaves my face feeling fresh and helps enhance the effects of other products in my lineup.
I use the Luna 3 at the start of both my morning and nightly routine — it’s my favorite step.
I use the Luna 3 at the start of both my morning and nightly routine — it’s my favorite step. Foreo ; Courtesy Rebecca Rodriguez

As a self-declared skin care aficionado, I’ve spent the past few years going through what some may consider an exorbitant amount of products to perfect my routine. At the start of 2022, I felt I had achieved this goal, but once I was introduced to Foreo’s Luna 3, I realized there had been something missing. I was aware of the brand given our past coverage — its $8,800 face cleanser with a solid platinum base made Foreo difficult to forget — but I didn’t actually try any of the products until recently.

I had pushed Foreo into the back of my mind until a call with my mother in November, during which she mentioned that my brother wanted a Foreo device for Christmas. On Christmas day, my brother got his wish, and for the whole week after that it was all my family heard about. He was so insistent on the efficacy of the Luna 3 that a couple of weeks later while my family was visiting me in New York City, my mom bought one for herself and convinced me to get it as well.

Foreo Luna 3

I have been using my current skin care product lineup for a few months now and it works great, but ever since I added the Luna 3 into my routine, I’ve noticed a discernible and delightful difference in the appearance of my skin.

I start both my daytime and nighttime skin care routine by splashing warm water on my face and applying CeraVe’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Afterward comes my favorite part: I grab my Luna 3 for a 40-second massage that leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. The device uses Foreo’s proprietary T-Sonic pulsations that are designed to “shake loose” dirt and makeup residue from underneath your pores by emitting 8,000 pulsations per minute, according to the brand. The pulsations are gentle and provide a soothing effect as the device glides across my face and leaves me feeling clean. You can also choose between 16 different intensities. The bristles and coating of the Luna 3 are silicone, which board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban previously recommended over nylon when shopping for a facial cleansing brush.

Foreo offers three Luna 3 models with bristles modified based on skin type: sensitive, normal and combination. They also have a design targeted towards men, who tend to have thicker skin.

A feature that continues to impress me is the device’s battery life. I bought mine about midway through January and use it every day twice a day — I haven’t had to plug it in since the initial charge to get it going. The small device isn’t too much of a hassle to take on the go, either — however, if you want a more travel-friendly version, you can opt for the compact Luna mini 3.

Before you can use the device, you have to download Foreo’s app and register your purchase. The app connects to the device via Bluetooth and offers a series of guided massage treatments to promote firmness and elasticity and to reduce signs of aging, according to the brand. Foreo also says the device preps your skin by clearing away dead cells so the rest of your products are better absorbed. As I noted earlier, this is something that I noticed not even a week into using the Luna 3.

It took me numerous face washes, serums, moisturizers and other products to find the best routine for my sensitivities and goals. However, if you want to take what works for you to the next level, I would recommend the Luna 3.

Other facial cleansing brushes to consider

Here are some other cleansing brushes to consider across price points and skin types.

PMD Clean Pro

The PMD Clean Pro works with the brand’s proprietary SonicGlow technology to break down dirt and oil in the pores by emitting 7,000 vibrations per minute, according to PMD. The brand says that these vibrations are also meant to help tone, firm and lift the skin. Like the Luna 3, the PMD Clean Pro brush head is made with silicone and includes a rechargeable battery. The PMD device is designed to be universal across skin types and offers four customizable modes: gentle vibration, intense vibration, gentle pulsation and intense pulsation. On the other side of the device is a massager that uses PMD’s ActiveWarmth technology for a heated massage which, according to the brand, helps the skin better absorb products.

Fancii Isla Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

If you are looking to spend under $100 on a device, you may want to consider the Fancii Isla Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush. The Isla has silicone bristles on both the front and back of the device as well as five speed settings. It uses U-Sonic oscillation technology to remove dirt and oil in the pores, emitting more than 6,500 pulsations per minute, according to the brand. The Isla comes with a smart-touch charging base and is available in four colors: Lavish Lavender, Paradise Pink, Aqua and Charcoal.

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