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GameStop stocks are trending, but what does the store even sell?

Laptops, monitors, collectibles, drones: Get to know trending gaming retailer GameStop’s offerings beyond the video games and gaming consoles.
Illustration of a man playing a video game with a gaming console and a Man walking into a Game Stop store
As talk continues around GameStop's stock, we decided to take a deeper look into what the retailer offers. Getty Images

GameStop is in the headlines this week given the immense surge (and subsequent ebb and flow) in its stock price and the crowdsourced, Reddit-inspired effort to make it so. GameStop, a gaming retailer specializing in video games and consoles, has not been in great shape given the drop in traffic to its stores during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the retailer's value continuously fluctuating in the stock market, GameStop has grabbed our attention again after having done so last week with news that it had (briefly) restocked the Playstation 5 and Xbox X and S models. As the retailer continues to dominate headlines, it might be a good time to learn more about the gaming store, which sells much, much more than video games and gaming consoles.

GameStop: A shopping guide

Although the retailer is widely known for selling video games and gaming consoles — and accepting trade-in video games and consoles for store credit (or cash for select items) — they actually have a much wider range of offerings.

GameStop’s sales

GameStop offers weekly sales and sometimes short-term deals. Here are some of the best GameStop sales and deals going on right now.

GameStop’s gaming products

GameStop’s electronics

GameStop’s collectibles

GameStop’s apparel

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