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Jabra announces three new Elite Bluetooth wireless earbuds

Jabra also announced new MultiSensor Voice technology and ShakeGrip coating.
Illustration of Jabra Elite headphones in blue, gold and purple
Jabra’s latest Bluetooth accessory releases include MultiSensor Voice technology and Customizable Active Noise Cancellation features.Courtesy Jabra

Bluetooth wireless earbuds are increasingly usurping the earbuds market. Last year, 310 million users purchased a pair of wireless earbuds. They’re so popular that the number of projected shipments is projected to increase by around 158 million by 2022, with a 35 percent hold on all wearable sales.

Today, bluetooth leader Jabra announced a new line of Bluetooth earbuds complete with three new products: the Elite 7 Pro, the Elite 7 Active and the Elite 3. “We are more connected than ever before. The world has also never been noisier, which requires innovative technology to ensure people have clear calls and a superior music experience,” Jabra CEO Rene Svendsen-Tune said in a statement to the press.

Along with new products, Jabra also unveiled patented MultiSensor Voice technology designed to capture clear voice audio for phone calls and virtual assistants. It also introduced its new ShakeGrip coating, which is designed to keep your earbuds in your ear while you move around. Each pair of new Bluetooth earbuds is slightly different and designed for a different use case.

Jabra Elite 3 (Preorder)

The Elite 3 was designed for those who prefer a high-quality listening experience without a hefty price tag. Four-microphone call technology helps to make crystal clear calls, and HearThrough Awareness keeps audio crisp with customization features on Jabra’s Sound+ app. Jabra also included a Qualcomm aptX HD audio chipset to better the listening experience on these earbuds.

The battery life for a budget option is superb, too: You can expect up to 7 hours of battery life and up to 28 hours with the charger case, according to the brand. They also have an IP55 rating, so any heavy workouts or rainstorms will not interrupt the sound from the customizable 6mm speakers. The earbuds cost $80 and come in four different colors: Lilac, Light Beige, Dark Grey, and Navy.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro (Available October 1)

A Jabra launch would feel amiss without earbuds designed for working from home, and the Jabra 7 Elite headphones were created largely for this purpose. The headphones are equipped with the brand’s signature MultiSensor Voice technology, which uses four-mic technology, algorithms, voice pickup unit (VPU) and a wind-activated bone conduction sensor to enhance voice quality on phone calls wherever you may take them. In terms of audio, HearThrough technology allows for Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) customization — this way, the user can choose how much sound gets through the earbuds. You can also customize your sound experience with Jabra’s Sound+ app.

Jabra said it used 62,000 ear scans to design these earbuds. The resulting design is 16 percent smaller than the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds, which until recently were the brand’s smallest earbuds available. The small size shouldn’t deter you, though: They can last for up to nine hours on a single charge with ANC on and up to 35 hours with the charging case, which is 11 hours longer than the 75t. They also work across Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, though Google Assistant only works with Android phones. The Elite 7 Pro retails for $199 and comes in two colors: Dark Grey and Light Beige.

Jabra Elite 7 Active (Available October 1)

In addition to using its large database to design the Elite 7 Active earbuds, Jabra also designed them with its new ShakeGrip technology using liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in order to ensure they stay put during workouts. You can expect the same specs in terms of customizable ANC — in fact, you can expect the same specs across the board with this pair of earbuds compared to its sibling, the Elite 7 Pro.

The 6mm microphones will provide crystal clear calls, and with the ANC and Jabra’s Sound+ app, users can customize their audio experience. Jabra also added a waterproof IP57 rating so you can keep pushing through a heavy workout without fear of ruining your headphones. While the Elite 7 Active headphones don’t have the same MultiSensor Voice technology that the Elite 7 Pro headphones do, the microphone is designed with a mesh exterior, which makes it easy to take calls in outdoor conditions. These buds will retail for $180, and as of right now, Jabra has only unveiled a mint green color, though more colors should be expected.

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