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Ring's and Wyze's new home security systems 2021: What to know

The brands’ March launches offer improved video cameras and video doorbells — shoppers have shown interest in home security products during the pandemic.
Illustration of the Wyze Cam, Wyze Video Doorbell and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
Ring Pro 2, Wyze Video Doorbell and Chime and Wyze Cam 3 are among the latest smart home security launches from Wyze and Ring, popular brands in the home security space.Amazon

Home security has been top of mind for many during the pandemic: 65 percent of consumers have adopted some sort of smart home technology, according to a survey of 700 homeowners from And as we begin to spend more time outdoors during the warmer months — as well as return to vacationing — we’re leaving our homes for longer periods of time. Brands like Ring and Wyze, both of which having appeared multiple times in our previous coverage of smart home tech, have in recent months launched new models of their devices — and some brand new ones — like video cameras and doorbells that allow you to monitor activity at your door in real time even if you’re miles away. Each smart home device relies on your Wi-Fi network and connects to the brands’ apps.

Ring Pro 2

Compared to the Ring Pro, the new Ring Pro 2 offers higher definition video, more accurate motion detection features and a head-to-toe view of people as they approach your door. The device is a video camera and doorbell in one — it requires existing doorbell wiring for power supply. You can easily hardwire the device to your existing doorbell wiring and chime using the included tool kit. The Ring Pro 2 features a two-way talk function, so you can speak to the person at your door and they can respond. You can get real-time alerts in the Ring app after you connect the device to Wi-Fi, too. The Ring Protect Plan is sold separately, which allows you to record all your videos and review what you missed for up to 60 days.

Wyze Video Doorbell and Chime

Wyze Video Doorbell and Chime also requires existing doorbell wiring for power supply, and you can connect it to Wi-Fi so you can control the device through the Wyze app. When the doorbell is pressed, you can select to receive an instant push notification through your app to alert you that someone is at the door. The app also allows you to view a livestream video of activity at your door. The device features two-way audio, lights up when motion is detected nearby and its HD camera allows you to see visitors from head-to-toe. Cloud storage is included with the device, which records 12-second videos and stores them for 14 days for free. The video doorbell also comes with a chime that connects to the video doorbell, which you place inside your home.

Wyze Cam v3

Smart home company Wyze originally launched their Wyze Cam v3 back in November but, due to the pandemic’s effect on the supply chain, dropped it on a limited release. This third generation comes off their bestselling v2 camera, which is one of best Wyze products to buy. Compared to the Wyze Cam v2, the new 1080p camera features upgraded sensors that enable color night vision. Additionally, Wyze redesigned their Wi-Fi security camera with IP65 weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use. Other updates to this model include a lens that covers a 130-degree field of view, 20 frames per second video capturing during the day and 15 frames per second at night.

If you’re looking to use the product as a security camera, Wyze offers a $2/month add-on that allows users to detect intruders with their AI-powered-person detection that triggers the camera’s built-in 80 dB siren.

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