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The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser helps me fall asleep faster — and it's on sale now

I use this essential oil diffuser to enhance the ambiance at home during the day and to keep me calm at night.
Vitruvi on a night stand and by a window
The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser works by dispersing the essential oil of my choice into the air.Courtesy Vivan Le

I’ve invested in several creative ways to fall (and stay) asleep over the past few years, including everything from a silk pillowcase and weighted blanket to a sunrise clock and blackout curtains. But as someone who suffers from a chronically stuffy nose and bad allergies — which only got worse when I moved to New York and the change in climate and air quality exacerbated my issues— I find it hard to fall asleep despite my sleep-enhancing products since I’m constantly anxious about my inability to breathe properly. I had previously read studies that certain essential oils, including eucalyptus and peppermint, can work as decongestants and have an overall relaxing effect (known as aromatherapy), so I decided to give them a shot — all I needed was an essential oil diffuser. I was initially drawn to the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser because it’s compact and looked like an attractive piece of home decor. It ended up being the perfect option for me: It works great for hours at a time, and it’s helped me breathe easier at night — literally.

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

The Stone Diffuser first caught my eye due to its beautiful yet minimalist design. The cover is made of matte ceramic that’s available in 10 different colors, including Eucalyptus, Terracotta and Lavender. Like many other diffusers, the Stone Diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to disperse the oils into the air as a cool mist, meaning it doesn’t emit heat and avoids heating up the plastic, water and oils, according to Vitruvi. Plus, the mist adds some moisture into the air, which is a big plus during the dry winter months (and for my stuffy nose). To use it, I simply fill the reservoir with water to the fill line, put in about 20-25 drops of the essential oil of my choice, place the ceramic cover over the reservoir and select either a four- or eight-hour time setting to allow the oil-infused steam to disperse — the diffuser works in rooms up to 500 square feet, the brand says. I was a little skeptical about the price tag (it’s one of the more expensive essential oil diffusers on the market), but it was ultimately worth every penny. And if you’re looking to buy it too, the diffuser is currently 25% off through July 4 as part of Vitruvi’s Largest Sale Ever.

Coming from a family who uses Vicks VapoRub religiously, I immediately sought out pure eucalyptus oil to use with my Stone Diffuser. After a year of using it, I’ve found that it helps me fall asleep and clear up my nasal and sinus congestion. While I’ll usually set the timer to four hours when I turn it on during the day, I’ll select the eight-hour timer when I want it to stay on while I’m sleeping (it automatically turns off when the time is up or when it runs out of water). I’ve also used a blend of other essential oils, like lavender, peppermint and sweet orange, to naturally circulate a pleasant aroma around my home and help me relax while I’m working or just lounging at home. While I personally use the SpaRoom 3-Pack Vitality Essential Oils, Vitruvi offers several different essential oils and blends to pair with the Stone Diffuser.

As an added relaxation bonus, the diffuser also features an ambient LED light that provides a comfortable glow, which I can make brighter or turn off completely depending on my preference. The diffuser is also compact enough to sit comfortably on top of my nightstand or on my coffee table — it has a narrow base measuring 3.5 inches, sits at 7 inches high and weighs just a little over 1 pound, the brand says. Keep in mind that it does need to be plugged in to work — considering the power cord is only 5 feet long, you’ll need to scope out an outlet before finding a permanent spot for the device. If you’re looking for a cordless diffuser, Vitruvi also offers the Move Diffuser that features a matte metal cover and a convenient charging pad.

Other essential oil diffusers to shop

If you’re looking to try out an essential oil diffuser for yourself, we’ve rounded up a few other highly rated options for you to consider, including ones we’ve previously covered.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

This popular essential oil diffuser features two misting modes for intermittent or continuous use — it can run for up to eight hours intermittently or four hours continuously, and it’ll automatically shut off once the water runs out, according to the brand. It has a light feature that you can use on its own or with the mist, and it allows you to switch between eight colors and various brightness levels. The diffuser is also offered in five colors: Basic White, Bronze, White Grey, Yellow and Brown.

Grove Co. Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

One of our favorite affordable gifts, this diffuser from Grove Co. can release cool steam infused with your favorite essential oil blend and includes four timer settings ranging from one hour up to five hours, according to the brand. It has a 100-milliliter capacity and color-changing LED lights, which lets you choose between multiple colors like blue, pink and yellow.

Vitruvi Stay Essential Oil Diffuser

In addition to its Stone and Move diffusers, Vitruvi also offers the Stay Diffuser, which the brand says has a larger capacity for rooms up to 700 square feet. It features a matte metal cover and three timer settings for six-, 12- and 18-hour run times. Like the Stone Diffuser, the Stay Diffuser needs to be plugged in and equips an LED light for a comfortable candle-like glow. It comes in four colors: White, Oat, Black and Palm.

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