Tuesday in Pictures: January 19

See some of the best news pictures of the day.

Donald Trump speaks at the John Wayne Birthplace Museum today in Winterset, Iowa. Trump received the endorsement of Aissa Wayne, John Wayne's daughter.

Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images

A California Highway Patrol investigator examines the scene of a fatal Greyhound bus crash today in San Jose, Calif. The bus flipped on its side while traveling north on Highway 101, according to the San Jose Fire Department. At least 2 were killed, and 8 were injured. 

Noah Berger / AP

Christian Orthodox believers swim across cold water for a cross today in the river Ribnica, in Podgorica, Montenegro, marking Orthodox Epiphany. Orthodox Serbs celebrate Epiphany on January 19, following the old Julian calendar, with the tradition of retrieving crosses from the rivers and lakes. 


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Risto Bozovic / AP

A mother who was affected by earthquake last year smiles after receiving free blanket at Lapark, in Gorkha district, Nepal. Lapark is one of the epicenter villages of Gorkha district, where more than 600 hundreds houses were destroyed during earthquake on April 25, 2015. 


A woman and her children stand in a battle-damaged house in the Kurdish town of Silopi, Turkey. Turkey is waging an all-out offensive against the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). 

ILYAS AKENGIN / AFP - Getty Images

A migrant wraps himself in a blanket to keep warm and waits with other migrants and refugees to board a train heading to the border with Croatia in Preševo, Serbia. 


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An Afghan migrant sits in front of a burnt shelter in the camp known as the "Jungle", in Calais, France. French authorities have asked migrants who live in makeshift shelters to respect an unoccupied 100-meter (about 109 yards) zone from the fence barrier.

Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Pakistani customers have their beards shaved at a roadside barber shop in Islamabad.

B.K. Bangash / AP

Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Jews attend the funeral of Rabbi Rafael Shmuelevitz in the Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem. Rabbi Rafael Shmuelevitz was the head of Mir Yeshiva.


People walk along the sand at La Concha beach, as the sun sets during a mild winter day, in San Sebastian, northern Spain.


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Alvaro Barrientos / AP