Facebook Takes Aim at Snapchat With ‘Slingshot’ App

Facebook's Snapchat competitor "Slingshot" is officially here, one week after the company accidentally released the photo- and video-sharing app on the App Store. Slingshot lets users share “moments” -- that is, photos and videos -- and “sling” them to other users, according to a blog post announcing the app on Tuesday. Recipients can either either swipe a message away to delete it forever, or respond by slinging back their own "moment." The catch: Users can see the messages only if they send something back first. The photos and videos disappear once they're viewed, like the popular app Snapchat. Also similar to Snapchat: Slingshot users can draw on photos or write captions.

Facebook aims sling at Snapchat 2:17



-- Julianne Pepitone