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There's Now a Button to Make Your Co-Workers Go Away

It just requires a little acting skills on your part.
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There's now a button to make your co-workers stop bothering you — it just requires a little acting skills on your part.

The NOPE button from Breather, a workspace rental service, is a simple Chrome extension that can sit at the ready in your browser.

Image: NOPE button
The Nope Button from Breather allows you a quick way to avoid chatty co-workers.Breather

When you see that chatty guy from accounting coming your way, or if you just want your cubicle compatriot to finally zip his lips, just press NOPE and it will trigger a phone call to your desk.

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A 60-second audio file will play, but the rest is now up to you. Now is the time to draw on your acting skills — looking serious and determined, perhaps making sure your colleagues within earshot know that now is not the right time to interrupt you.

While it sounds like a genius tech trick, you'll want to be sure to use this one sparingly to ensure your colleagues don't get too suspicious.

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The Nope button launched on Tuesday; however, due to the Amazon Web Services outage, there was some difficulty accessing it. If you're ready to check it out, you can download it here.

There are also plenty of other productivity boosting extensions you can also rely on to help you through the work day.

Strict Workflow will block distracting websites and runs a 25 minute timer. Once you work for that long, you get a five minute break. Repeat the cycle until you're ready to call it a day.

Another extension, StayFocusd, lets you decide how much time you get to spend on your favorite websites each day. After you've reached your limit, you'll be cut off, forcing you to turn your attention back to work.

Just make sure you don't work too hard!