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Is this what Amazon's tablet will look like?

Amazon tablet mockups
Amazon tablet mockupsTechno Buffalo

Although a recent fire sale briefly resurrected interest in the otherwise ignored HP TouchPad, the only major contender against the iPad remains a still mysterious offering from Amazon. Now, we're starting to see what it may look like.

Techno Buffalo delivered some generic looking mockups that are based on writer Noah Kravitz's sources, who tell him the incoming Amazon tablets "will run Android but feature Intel-based innards."

It remains to be seen if it'll materialize and cannibalize Amazon's own bestselling Kindle e-reader, or if those two devices will remain separate draws for buyers (as a recent Nielsen survey suggests).'s own Wilson Rothman thinks that when it does appear, it's going to give the iPad a run for its top spot, mostly because of its might as a retailer. It's a major factor that Kravitz agrees with: "Not only does Amazon have the name and reach to get an attractive piece of hardware into millions of hands at a competitive price, but they also have the content and retail inventories to sweeten the pot with all sorts of tie-ins."

Whatever Amazon comes out with, it need something that will put it a level above Barnes & Noble's Nook Color, which not only already functions as an Android tablet, but has also made sizable gains against the Kindle, including usurping it from its No.1 selling e-reader perch in July, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker.

Business Insider add that there will probably be two models, one with a 10-inch screen and another with a 7-inch screen, which sounds very similar to what Samsung did with its tablets, although it rolled out the smaller version first, only to find that the bigger one was much more well received. But nothing has yet to emerge to fulfill the promise of the now almost mythological iPad killer.

Until then, the iPad is the undisputed king of the tablet world, with one survey in May identifying 82 percent of 12,000 polled as iPad users.

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