Machine guns meet 'Minecraft' in 'Ace of Spades' 

Ace of Spades

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By Winda Benedetti
You can let the bullets fly inJagex

The weaponry in "Minecraft" is decidedly old-school. Swords and bows and arrows are pretty much what you've got when it comes to taking out zombies, creepers and cave spiders.

But for those of you who've ever wished you could get your hands on weaponry with a bit more boom to it when playing the block-filled mega hit, then perhaps "Ace of Spades" is just the game for you.

"Ace of Spades" — currently being developed by Jagex — is a team-based first-person shooter for the PC that drops you into a blocky battlefield of your own creation. And according to an announcement Thursday, it will launch via Steam sometime this December.

The developers say the game mixes the cube crafting of "Minecraft" with fast-paced first-person shooting of "Team Fortress." They call it "a retro-looking, intelligent, creative shooter that gives players complete strategic freedom over a battlefield they can evolve and build on throughout a game session."

Up to 32 people can play at one time in destructible environments that are "only limited by the imagination of the players creating them," explains the announcement. Bunkers, fortresses and tunnel systems — you'll build it and then you'll destroy it and then you'll build it again.

"Ace of Spades" has been in the prototype phase since April of last year, during which time it has already been downloaded some 2.5 million times, said Jagex chief marketing officer, David Solari.

Jagex, creator of the popular online game "RuneScape," is also working on the forthcoming massively multiplayer online game "Transformers Universe." 

You'll find a few more "Ace of Spades" screenshots below and you'll find the official website right here.


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