Pre-caffeine tech: Mega zoom, mini smartphones and more

Even though it's rather hot outside, you should probably not put your iPhone into the freezer.

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning.

A 3-D-printed rocket part passed a major NASA test.

Need to get a bit closer? Panasonic's got you covered with its latest super-zoom camera. The FZ70's massive lens provides a 60x optical zoom — the 35mm equivalent of a 1200mm lens.

If you love the HTC One but find that it's a wee bit too big, consider the HTC One Mini. It combines many of the One's best features in a considerably smaller package.

Dozens of companies, non-profits and trade organizations including Apple, Google, and Facebook sent a letter pushing the Obama administration and Congress for more disclosures on the government's national security-related requests for user data.

Security experts are stress-testing anti-theft measures designed to render stolen smartphones inoperable.

Apple's pushing out a software update for many MacBook Air models to fix some Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Rumor is that Motorola's highly anticipated Moto X smartphone will launch on Aug. 26.

A monthly comic series based on the storyline introduced in "Halo 4" will hit shelves soon.

Honda built a ride-on lawn mower capable of reaching speeds of up to 130 mph. Unfortunately, the lawnmower is merely a one-off project and won't become available to consumers anytime soon.

You can now get a free year of Xbox Live Gold with the purchase of Office 265.

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