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Brian Cheung

Brian Cheung is a business and data correspondent for NBC News.

Brian Cheung is a business and data correspondent for NBC News.

Latest from Brian Cheung

Tesla's affordability push eases growing doubts about its performance and Musk's focus

Doubts persist for Tesla as demand for electric vehicles slows, and as some critics contend that Elon Musk seems to be devoting more energy to other projects.
6d ago

Major 911 outages in 4 states leave millions without an easy way to contact authorities

Law enforcement agencies across four states were left scrambling following reports of major 911 outages that left millions unable to quickly contact authorities in emergencies late Wednesday.

This tool makes AI models hallucinate cats to fight copyright infringement

University of Chicago researchers developed a tool called Nightshade intended to disrupt AI image generators in an effort to curb copyright infringement.
31d ago

Trump's media stock will start trading Tuesday. Here's what to know.

Donald Trump could get a financial lifeline of billions of dollars as Truth Social's parent company is set to start trading on the Nasdaq.
43d ago

Laid-off tech workers turn to LinkedIn, therapy and one another to bounce back

Tech workers are adjusting to a new reality of less-than-airtight job security in an industry unaccustomed to extended periods of deep, widespread cuts.

U.S. companies will have to start telling the public about their climate risks

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday voted to approve new climate risk disclosure rules.
56d ago

Forget a new bathroom, just fix the faucet: Consumers take a break from big home renovations

Lowe’s and Home Depot say shoppers are pulling back after a fix-up frenzy during the pandemic, opting for cheaper DIY projects.

Hollywood is not 'over' just because of OpenAI’s Sora, some filmmakers say

Some Hollywood creatives say Sora, which is not widely available to the public, can’t compete with humans. At least not yet.
63d ago

More travelers risk booking hotel rooms on sites that tack on steep fees

Travelers still face surprise charges from third-party reservation sites, despite years of efforts to curb practices that draw frequent consumer complaints.
63d ago

Consumers are tired of price increases. Big brands are paying attention.

Until recently, Brooke Benson considered herself a Panera Bread loyalist.
64d ago

Capital One-Discover merger could put a bigger squeeze on credit card users, experts warn

Capital One’s $35.3 billion deal to buy Discover is a long way from being completed.