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Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy is a data editor at NBC News.

Joe Murphy is a data editor at NBC News.

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Turf wars: Aaron Rodgers’ injury reignites debate over artificial grass use

NFL injury data from an analytics company shows that 7 of the 10 stadiums with the highest injury counts from 2017 to 2022 had artificial surfaces.

Charts: How the UAW strike compares to other historical U.S. strikes

With the United Auto Workers union going on strike, see how it compares to the largest strikes in U.S. history.

Graphic: Track grocery price trends

NBC News is tracking changes in grocery prices to monitor the impact on consumers’ food bills.

How the number of abortions in each state has changed — in the places it was legal this year

In most states where abortion was legal as of June, the number of abortions has increased compared to 2020, according to new estimates.

Six maps and charts that explain the state of college football

Conference moves and transfer rule shifts have çhanged the landscape of college football, and these charts, maps and data show that effect.
25d ago

Covid hospitalizations: See the latest trend and current count

Covid hospitalization charts that show which states are the hardest hit and where the hospitalization trends point. This article will be updated daily.

Tropical Storm Idalia tracker: Follow its path

With Tropical Storm Idalia moving through the Carolinas, learn more about its possible path and how those in the way of the storm should brace themselves.

School Shooting Tracker: Counting school shootings since 2013

NBC News is tracking school shootings. Here’s what we found.

Abortion law tracker: See where the procedure is currently legal, banned or restricted in the U.S.

NBC News is tracking the status of state-level abortion laws and restrictions across the United States now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade

COVID-19 cases are ticking up. But it’s not time to panic, experts say

For the first time in three years, Americans could head into the winter respiratory virus season with a measure of optimism, experts say, even as COVID-19 cases appear to be ticking up.
40d ago

Covid cases are ticking up. But it's not time to panic, experts say.

Covid hospitalizations continue to rise, but experts say that there may be signs for optimism. Wastewater levels have plateaued and new vaccines will be available soon.