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Will You Be Wearing This Jacket for the Next Thirty Years?

Is ethically-made, long lasting clothing the next trend in luxury? We try on Tom Cridland's '30 Year Jacket' to find out.
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A jacket that lasts 30 years? Tom Cridland's sustainable jacket, hand-made by Portuguese craftsmen, is supposed to last for three decades, or he'll repair or replace it for you for free.

For Cridland, it's not just about durability, but sustainability, and a means to address a culture of disposable consumerism.

“The fact that we guarantee it for three decades means that people will actually want to keep hold of it for three decades, that’s why they bought it,” said Cridland.

His brand joins the ranks of other startups angling on this trend, brands like American Giant, Flint and Tinder, and Zady, for whom how it's made is as important as how it looks.

Another thing that these companies have in common is that they sell online, direct-to-consumer. By cutting out the middlemen, they say, they're able to use those savings to make clothes that last longer, and to pay their workers a fair wage in safe conditions.

I took Cridland's jacket for a test spin in our latest video. And showed Tom some of my clothes that were falling apart and made him tell me why. Including one garment he didn't want to touch ...