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Students, Parents Agree: This is The Top 'Dream' College

The Princeton Review listed Stanford University as the top choice "dream school" for both prospective students and parents.

The Hidden Costs of College

March 4, 201601:36

Teens and their parents don't always agree, but a new Princeton Review survey found they have one thing in common: their top pick for a "dream" college.

Both prospective students and their parents rate Stanford University as the college they would most want to go to — or send their child to — according to the survey, which polled more than 8,300 college applicants and nearly 2,100 parents of applicants from across the U.S., plus more than 20 countries abroad.

The Hidden Costs of College

March 4, 201601:36

Harvard came in second on the list of "dream" schools among both students and parents, and both ranked the University of Southern California at number 10 on the list. The rest of their top 10 lists differed from one another.

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The survey, published last week, also highlights anxieties felt by parents and college applicants. The main concern was debt, with 58 percent of parents estimating the costs at more than $100,000, and 37 percent of students thinking college would cost more than $100,000.

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The top concern has evolved from previous years: In 2006, the majority were concerned with not getting into a first-choice college, while the level of debt has been the biggest worry since the 2013 survey.

Although there is concern about the rising costs of college, students still feel there will be future career benefits from attending, as nearly half of the respondents believe a college education will lead to "a potentially better job and higher income."

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And despite the costs and risk of debt, 99 percent of respondents view college as worth the investment for themselves or their children.