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Missing Florida Woman Rachel Crenshaw Found Alive

Rachel Crenshaw, who was reported missing September 27th, was found safe and unharmed early Wednesday by the Vero Beach, Florida Police Department.

Police say Crenshaw, 33, walked away following an argument with her boyfriend in late September.

“In her statement, she told us she made some friends and they helped her,” Vero Beach Police Chief Dave Currey told Dateline NBC Wednesday. “She stayed in Florida but left the area for the past few weeks. From what she told us, the people were willing to house her, clothe her and give her food. She was not forward with us about those individuals and who they were.”

Police say Crenshaw was unaware that she was reported missing. Crenshaw’s family lives out of state, and she has not had contact with them for some time.

According to police, Crenshaw indicated that she was a victim of domestic violence and sought “distance."

“As far as domestic violence goes, she is essentially a victim and we set up an advocate to work with her and talk with her and relocate her to a safe space,” Currey told Dateline NBC. “We will be reviewing the whole case and sitting down with the state attorney’s office to see if there should be any charges be filed," said Curry in reference to the situation that caused Crenshaw to seek safety.


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