#AskTheGays: Trump Comment Triggers Twitter Backlash

Donald Trump triggered a Twitter backlash by urging Americans to “ask the gays” on Wednesday who would be a better friend to the LGBTQ community, himself or Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, prompting a flood of sarcastic responses under the hashtag #AskTheGays.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee was roundly condemned by gay campaigners and others for appearing to congratulate himself in the hours following Sunday’s Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub for being “right on radical Islamic terrorism”.

Many “AskTheGays” tweets contained expletives, but others included “You’re tacky and I hate you”, “No, you’re insane” and “Everybody hates you”, while some simply featured clips of gay icons such as RuPaul and Megan Mullally of sitcom Will & Grace delivering a powerful slap to the face.

#AsktheGays: Twitter responds to Trump 0:48

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