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Feet: The new windows to the soul?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyLinda Dahlstrom writes: Have a bunion? Well, that says a lot about you. At least, if you believe foot readers, who say that not only are toes the new windows to the soul but they can also reveal everything from whether someone is honest to their financial state. (A good clue is if they’re clad in Christian Louboutins.) Have a hammer toe? That indicates some kind of struggle, toe readers say. Also, rigid toes mean rigid people. But don’t you think it’s as easy as just looking at the foot – there’s far more to it. “I usually just ask their name and if they’re right or left handed. That tells me a lot,” toe reader Jan Daniel told NBC affiliate KXAS. Of course it does. More people may be toe readers than you know, so if you want to keep an aura of mystery, you’d best slap on some socks. The movement is making a march across America with a Facebook group for toe readers, a website called “Celebrity Toe Watch” devoted to reading the doggies of the rich and famous and, there’s even a toe reading cable TV show in Boise, Idaho. Intuiting from toes may be this millennium’s answer to palm readers. Perhaps nose reading is next? Think your toes can shed insight on your relationships? Tell us about it here. To read more Body Odd posts, click here. You can also find us on Twitter and on Facebook.