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Company taps designer H2O for Fido

Pup Cups come in handy four-ounce servings, which means if you have anything bigger than a Yorkshire terrier, you'd better stock up.
Pup Cups come in handy four-ounce servings, which means if you have anything bigger than a Yorkshire terrier, you'd better stock up.Pup Cups
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Is your pooch parched, but he turns his not-so-wet nose up at plain old tap water? Well, Pup Cups are aimed at getting your dehydrated dog's tail a-wagging.

Created by two dog lovers who say they saw canine owners having difficulty giving their pets fluids while away from home, the single-serving Pup Cups are filled with four ounces of "ultra-pure" water.

"Pup Cups provide the luxury of pure bottled water that pampered pups deserve and the convenience that busy pet parents demand," says co-founder David Shrank.

The company's Web site says the water is "manufactured and filled in a state-of-the-art facility to ensure the best-tasting, safest drinking water available. Every drop of our delicious water flows through a multi-step purification process" presumably to ensure there is no bacteria that is usually found in, say, a dog's mouth.

Pup Cups says you can buy a 48-pack of the doggie drink at for only $34.99. See Spot run away from that toilet!

  • Not-so-bad ideasIt’s been a long day. You started at work at 6 a.m., had three two-hour meetings back-to-back, spent hours pouring over your budget spreadsheet, had a tough meeting with your boss, and a 45-minute conference call while fighting traffic on your way home. Time to relax.

Well, the folks who make Johnnie Walker whiskey have just the take-your-mind-off-the-office drink for you.For only $24,150 a bottle, you can sit back and enjoy one of the rarest whiskeys in the world. Yes, that’s twenty-four thousand dollars for the bottle — and before you ask, that equates to $862 a shot.For connoisseurs with the cash, British drinks giant Diageo is selling this special Johnnie Walker whisky blend to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Scotsman who created the world’s best-selling whisky brand.The group, which distills one-third of the world’s scotch, has selected Scotland’s best whiskies, all over 30 years old and some as old as 70 years old, to create its 1805 anniversary pack — containing just one bottle — to be sold to the world’s most discerning drinkers.The world’s largest alcoholic drinks company, which also makes Smirnoff vodka and Guinness beer, is selling just 200 bottles of the high-priced spirit to spice up interest in whisky ahead of the holiday season.A special Scotch indeed, and at that price you’re going to need a drink if you spill it.

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According to The Associated Press, officials in Owen County, Indiana, are trying to sell a one-square-inch plot of land for $1,500.The parcel was originally part of a 0.45-hectare tract under a separate deed, said the county auditor, Angie Lawson. Officials think the tiny piece of land was deeded to someone in the 1960s, when people had to own property to use a nearby lake. First National Bank foreclosed on the property owner's mortgage, which covered the entire 0.45-hectare tract, and the land was up for bid at the tax sale. There is a minimum bid of $1,500 for tax sale parcels.The county attorney, Richard Lorenz, said he wants to find a way for the county to get rid of the land and the responsibility of selling it, perhaps by giving it away. "Maybe we could donate that one-inch plot to Owen County Preservations as the smallest land donation in history," he said.