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Fed unveils new Web page for youngsters

The Federal Reserve has launched a Web page geared specifically to bolster financial literacy among young people.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Don’t worry, Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney. There could be less competition for your status as celebrity heartthrobs.

Instead of the big screen, a generation of middle schoolers could be setting their sights on the Federal Reserve board room.


The central bank on Monday launched a Web page geared just for youngsters from 11 years of age to 14. Could there be an Alan Greenspan wannabe among them?

A cartoon of a smart-looking eagle — with really big talons — is tour guide of sorts for the site,, which offers a dose of Fed history.

And since school kids are accustomed to tests, there’s even a 10-question quiz:

When was the Federal Reserve Board created and by whom? What is a primary responsibility of the Federal Open Market Committee? Where is the Fed’s Board of Governors located?

The kid’s page is part of the Fed’s effort to bolster financial literacy among young people.

“This new Web page provides younger students with a basic approach to the complexities of the Federal Reserve that is both enjoyable and interesting,” said Federal Reserve Governor Mark Olson.

Of course, the kids will be the ultimate judge of that.