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Who We Are: The Truth About DNA

Tune into NBC Nightly News on Monday, Feb. 11 through Wednesday, Feb. 13 for "Who We Are: The Truth About DNA," where chief medical correspondent Robert Bazell explores the role DNA plays in history, health, and the legal system.

Monday, Feb. 11
Genealogy for sale: With a cheek swab and the Internet, anyone interested in finding out about family histories can pay companies to get that information for them. NBC News explores the pros and cons of easy access to genealogy — for a price.

Tuesday, Feb. 12
Testing your genes:
Tests that examine your risk of developing a disease are widely marketed, but doctors often don't know what to tell patients after they receive their results — and many doctors disapprove of the tests altogether. NBC News interviews a patient who took one such test, but got no advice after the test yielded a positive result.

Wednesday, Feb. 13
DNA, when gathered properly, is so strong, it often overrides every other piece of evidence in a crime case. As a result, there's a movement among lawyers and judges to put other crime probe methods, including eyewitness testimony, to the scientific test. NBC News interviews a man who was imprisoned for a rape and murder after a hair was allegedly shown to match his own. Twenty-two years later, DNA from that same hair was analyzed, and he was proven innocent.

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