Dunkin' Donuts debuts iPhone program

/ Source: The Associated Press

Do you and your co-worker have a hankering for a doughnut hole?

Now you can place your order online, thanks to a new Dunkin' Donuts Web site and iPhone application that allows customers to solicit and place group orders.

The site, called "Dunkin' Run," allows users to set up a list of friends and co-workers that can be used to send a message when a user is planning a trip to Dunkin' Donuts. Users can also send a personal message to their list of friends inviting them to place an order online. The order is then picked up at the local retail location.

The Canton, Mass.-based doughnut and coffee company said the new site will offer more convenience for customers on the run.

"It's really about allowing those customers to access our brand in a fast and affordable way," said Frances Allen, brand marketing officer.

The iPhone application became available for download at Apple's iTunes Store Monday. The Web site also launched Monday.