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Quotes of the Day NEWSMAKER QUOTE OF THE DAYLive from Baghdad, NBC News Tom Aspell spoke to Imus about the aftermath of a suicide bombing at a Baghdad hotel yesterday.“The damage has largely been cleared, but there is still a huge crater in the road that has been covered with some metal sheeting. Americans are on guard with armored vehicles and snipers are on the rooftop. It’s almost as if they expect the place to get hit again. There has been a real high increase in numbers of Iraqi police carrying automatic weapons. The traffic is still moving normally on the street. The bomber had to make a swerving turn to get to the front gate of the Baghdad hotel. Because of the concrete crash barriers he was stopped a good 50 yards short of his target and that’s why I guess there were no American casualties inside. There was one American slightly wounded but he was released.”SHOW QUOTE OF THE DAYImus spoke about the incident between N.Y. Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer and Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez on Saturday night.Imus:“Pedro grabbed Zimmer by the head and threw him down like a rag doll and tossed him aside. Zimmer is lucky Pedro didn’t punch him in the mouth.”Bernie:“He’s lucky he didn’t get cut.”Imus:“..or knife him...that was like a drunk grandfather at a birthday party.”You can get on our e-mailing list today by clicking right here: SUBSCRIBE(Or just read our online edition below.)


Join us at 6am eastern for IMUS in the Morning

on MSNBC. We’ll have all the days news headlines

every fifteen minutes, including reports from

NBC News correspondents around the world.

The Democratic Presidential candidates

are not taking a holiday from campaigning.

Dennis Kucinich will make it official and

announce he’s running, while Joseph Lieberman

will propose a tax overhaul. Also we are closer

to knowing which teams will play in the

World Series. There’s as much action off the

diamond as on at the Imus studios. Tune in

after the Yankees play the Red Sox in game

four to catch up on the winners and losers

and to follow the fallout of Don Zimmer’s

charge on to the field.

At 7:29am ET author of “Legacy: Paying

the Price for the Clinton Years”, Richard

Lowry will join Imus. Hear all about his

new book.

Required Reading

“The American administrator in Iraq

vowed to hunt down those responsible

for a car bomb attack that shook

central Baghdad, killing at least six

bystanders and wounding dozens of

Suicide car bombing rocks Baghdad

“President Bush has lost control

of Iraq policy because of infighting

among administration officials, the

leaders of the Senate Foreign

Relations Committee said Sunday.

The administration also came under

criticism from Democratic presidential

candidate John Kerry for being

unwilling to create a real

international coalition and alienating

governments everywhere. “This is

haphazard, shotgun, shoot-from-the-hip

diplomacy,” the Massachusetts senator

Senators denounce Bush Iraq policy

“One of Asia’s most-wanted terror

suspects was killed in a shootout

Sunday, police said, ending a massive

three-month manhunt launched after

his stunning escape from Philippine

police headquarters.”
Terror suspect killed in shootout

“The new Palestinian prime minister,

in his first week on the job, said

Sunday that he was on the verge of

quitting, a development that deepened

the Palestinians’ political crisis.”
Arafat’s Premier Says He Is Close to Resigning Post

“Told that his 2-year-old twin boys

were no longer joined at the top of

their heads, their father, who had

just endured the wait through 34 hours

of surgery, fainted.”
Egyptian twins successfully separated

“Democrat Joe Lieberman, hoping to

jump-start his presidential campaign

with a fresh attack on White House

policy, is promising to ensure that

upper-income Americans pay more taxes

than they did before President Bush’s

record-breaking tax cuts.”
Lieberman proposes raising taxes on wealthy

“Some of the al-Qaeda operatives whose

activities led to a U.S. security

warning last month have been captured,

while others remain at large, U.S.

counterterrorism authorities say.”
Information uncovers plans for more al-Qaeda attacks

“In concerts, masses and national

television specials, Poles honored

Pope John Paul II, their native son,

as he marked his 25th year as leader

of the world’s Roman Catholics.”
Poles Mark 25th Year of John Paul Papacy

“The three final candidates to be

China’s first astronaut in space

have arrived at the spacecraft’s

desert launch pad, the government

said Monday, and suggested that only

one will make the trip.”
Three Arrive for China Spaceflight

“California has became the first

state to require businesses with

large state contracts to offer

domestic partners the same benefits

that spouses enjoy, although the

law will not take effect until 2007.”
Davis Signs Domestic Partner Benefit Bill

Imus Stuff

“When Bush the Elder put Bush the Younger

in the care of Dick Cheney, he assumed that

Mr. Cheney, who had been his defense secretary

in Desert Storm, would play the wise, selfless

counselor. Poppy thought his old friend Dick

would make a great vice president, tutoring a

young president green on foreign policy and

safeguarding the first Bush administration’s

legacy of internationalism, coalition-building

and realpolitik. Instead, Good Daddy has had

to watch in alarm as Bad Daddy usurped his

son’s presidency, heightened its conservatism

and rushed America into war on the mistaken

assumption that if we just acted like king of

the world, everyone would bow down or run away.”
A Tale of Two Fathers
by Maureen Dowd

“As a precondition for helping us in Iraq,

the U.N. is demanding that the U.S. hand over

‘early sovereignty’ to an interim Iraqi

government and then let those Iraqis invite

in the U.N. to oversee their transition to

constitution-writing and elections. I too

would like to see Iraqis given more control

faster and the U.N. more involved. But

people are tossing around this idea without

answering some hard questions first.”
The Least Bad Option
by Tom Friedman

“No baseball and no fights. But plenty of

rain, fines, apologies and finger-pointing

at Fenway Park.Game 4 of the AL championship

series was rained out Sunday, giving the

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox a

day to reflect on the nastiness of their

basebrawl game the day before.
Rain cools off Yanks-BoSox

“Don Zimmer’s voice quivered, his body shook.

A day after one of the nastiest games in the

long-running Yankees-Red Sox feud, New York’s

72-year-old bench coach apologized for his role

in a melee that left him sprawled on the ground.”
Zimmer apologizes for role in fracas

“Josh Beckett and the Florida Marlins put

history on hold - at least for a couple of

days. With the Chicago Cubs set to clinch

their first World Series trip in 58 years,

Beckett buzzed Sammy Sosa in pitching a

two-hitter and leading the Marlins to a

4-0 win Sunday in Game 5 of the NL

championship series.”
Beckett keeps Marlins alive in NLCS

“The four-game winning streak is nice.

So is being first in the NFC East. Still,

the strongest proof yet that the Dallas

Cowboys are a completely new team under

coach Bill Parcells lies in beating the

Philadelphia Eagles and how they did it:

with big plays from the opening kickoff

to the closing minutes.”
Parcells, ’Boys pass another test

Vote: Who will win Falcons-Rams?

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