Thoroughbred: Stable to Stardom

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MSNBC presents “Thoroughbred: Stable to Stardom,” an in-depth look at horse racing through the prism of the 2003 road to the Triple Crown. NBC News anchor Forrest Sawyer hosts the one-hour documentary, as it follows the leading 3-year-old thoroughbreds as their human handlers attempt to transform them into one of the most valuable commodities in the world of sports.

Thoroughbred racing's ultimate drama — the quest for the triple crown — plays out very publicly in the most well-known races, from the Kentucky Derby to the Belmont stakes. But behind the scenes, the drama is just as breathtaking. It requires passion, guts, a taste for risk, and a hunger to win.

MSNBC spent a year inside the racing world and it is a huge business: from the breeding stables to the auction houses, to the betting windows, mind-boggling sums of money change hands with stunning speed. Trainers and jockeys, owners and gamblers, they’re all betting that a 1,000 pound 2-year-old on legs like glass will soar past all the others on the road to glory.

Join us for this special program, as Forrest Sawyer tells a rich tale of high-stakes intrigue, and the triple crown season no one will soon forget.

“Our producers went behind the scenes to document a year in the high stakes business of thoroughbred racing, and soon realized they were capturing the dramatic story of a very special season, rich with heroes, villains and stunning surprises,” said Scott Hooker, Executive Producer, MSNBC.

Shot over an entire year, this inside look at the racing world follows determined trainers through their highs and lows of this cutthroat sport.

“Thoroughbred” captures all the drama that the public rarely sees. While the Kentucky Derby to many, is an entertaining national sports event, to these trainers, it is much more: an adrenaline rush and a race to reach the ultimate goal of taking home the Triple Crown.

The Triple Crown season, which incorporates the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes, is characterized by strict training, routine, and dedication. “Thoroughbred” takes the viewer into the minds of the jockeys, the trainers and the owners of these remarkable animals, the people who are willing to stake their dreams on the legs of a horse.

Forrest Sawyer, and Janet Tobias of Sierra Tango Productions, and Scott Hooker are the executive producers.