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Most sinful New Year’s Eve getaways

The best spots to indulge in gluttony, greed, and the other deadly sins this New Year’s (and how to atone).
Stunning beach at Palm Island in the Grenadines Caribbean
Laziness is applauded on Mustique and St. Vincent islands in the Grenadines, where one can pass the days napping, sunbathing, and relaxing on the powdery beaches. Go for a massage, float in the crystalline Caribbean, and lounge in a / Alamy /
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Let’s face it: it’s not difficult to give in to sloth.

That’s especially true in the Caribbean, where sleeping in, lying on sugary white-sand beaches, and lounging in hammocks is practically a requirement.

Then, of course, it’s easy for gluttony to take over, as you roll right into an extravagant dinner and a long night of drinking.

But what’s wrong with that? After all, 2009 was a year of scrimping and saving, of working harder and playing less. Just as we began living more socially and environmentally responsible lives, we also took fewer vacations, rarely shopped, and seldom opted for dinners out.

It’s time to blow off some steam, and New Year’s Eve — the most hedonistic of holidays — is the best chance to do it. So to set you off down the path of indulgence, we’ve put together 10 New Year’s getaway ideas inspired by the seven deadly sins.

Sinful getaways may not exactly be a trend — after all, more and more travelers are seeking out authentic, local experiences. In our 2010 trends report, for example, we see dining at underground supper clubs and shopping for everyday items to take home as souvenirs becoming more popular — hardly extravagant activities. That’s even more reason to make a sinful statement this New Year’s.

So where to go? Certain destinations naturally emerge as sinful winners. For that slothful beach bumming, try the Grenadines. These Caribbean islands are far removed not only from any urban bustle, but from any bustle at all. In fact, they offer little more than exclusive hotels and miles of powdery white sand.

Where sloth leads, gluttony easily follows. And while there’s nothing new about celebrating the New Year with a cocktail in hand, food and wine lovers might want to ring in 2010 with a decadent tasting tour of California’s Napa Valley. Drop by the omnipresent tasting rooms for samples from some of America’s best vineyards, then make gluttonous stops at Michelin-starred restaurants like French Laundry or newcomer Bottega.

After all that eating and lounging, though, it may be tough to take pride in your appearance. For that, we recommend heading to the newest outlet of wellness resort Canyon Ranch, in Miami. You’ll need to look good — the city is home to America’s best-looking people. But after a few days of personal training and high-tech spa treatments, you’ll blend right in with South Beach’s poolside model contingent.

Of course, life can’t be all about hedonistic pleasures. So with each of our sinful getaways, we offer a suggestion on how to atone — after all, there’s no need to start 2010 with a guilty conscience.