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Investigator's notes

Redacted version of private investigator Chuck Loesch's notes

11-07-2: On bloodhounds

Drove to Minneapolis Holiday Inn Metrodome.  Met with Sara [JENKINS] and bloodhound handler-XXXXXX

8:40 AM Sara went to rear of Holiday Inn to get her vehicle.  The driver’s side front side window had been broken and Chris’s cell phone had been stolen out of it.  I placed a call to Sgt. XXXXXX and reported the incident then to FBI agent XXXXXX and left a message regarding the same.

9:00 AM Sara, XXXXXX, her associate and XXXXXX’s bloodhound drove to and parked in the parking lot between Hennepin and 1st Ave. North next to 5th Street. A search was initiated starting in front of the Lone Tree bar utilizing the bloodhound.  A no-hit was assumed at that starting point.  We continued the search directly in front of Times Square Pizza and Subs.  The bloodhound seemed to pick up a scent which subsequently brought all of us into the indoor parking facility immediately north Times Square.  The dog circled the rather small main floor of the parking facility then went down a ramp into the lower level.  It immediately went to an area behind the wall separating two parking areas in the lower level.  The bloodhound went to stall number 90 then 89 and had what XXXXXX stated as a solid hit.  We exited the facility and re-started the bloodhound’s search on the Hennepin avenue side of the parking lot we had parked in, just behind the bus stop shelter close to 5th Street on Hennepin avenue.  The dog zig-zagged around the lot then took a  straight line rapid walk, paralleling the West wall of Glueks bar, then went east on the sidewalk and stopped in front of the Lone Tree bar.  XXXXXX gave the dog a short time out then started the process again.  The bloodhound took XXXXXX directly across Hennepin, walked past Times Square Pizza then into the same parking facility and down the ramp where it again went to stalls 89 and 90 and presented in behavior what XXXXXX described as a solid hit again.

We subsequently walked on the west side sidewalk of Hennepin past the tobacco shop located on the northwest corner of Hennepin and 5th Street.  The bloodhound did not exhibit any behavior that could be interpreted as a hit.  We crossed Hennepin and proceeded to walk towards the Hennepin avenue bridge. I placed cell calls to both XXXXXX of the FBI and XXXXXX of the BCA and explained the apparent hit by the bloodhound.  Beneath the north end of the Hennepin avenue bridge the bloodhound went to and into the river directly below the bridge.  XXXXXX felt that might indicate another hit.  We walked north on the rivers edge which proved unremarkable except for bedding and clothing located underneath the Grain Belt sign just past the west side of the bridge.  There were Indian signs scratched into the steel support beams of the billboard and a slogan that read “stand proud.”

8-07-03: Omid Mosheni

11:30 am Prepared list of questions concerning river, speed of current, depth, temperature, past history, etc for XXXXXX.

1:15 pm Drove to Mpls., power plant on Mississippi; to meet with XXXXXX.

2:00 pm Arrived, power plant.  Went over all details with XXXXXX that he might need to know.  Reviewed pictures taken off Fox 9 video, left him photos, video, copy of questions and copy of letter to XXXXXX.  XXXXXX suggested he will put together a proposal of costs, to: 1) make a physical model-best bet, can determine many if not all aspects of river, including the possibility to determine or exclude, areas in the river Chris and the tree might have originated from.
2) create a mathematical model, much less expensive but much less telling.

3:12 pm Call to Steve while I was with XXXXXX, had steve speak to XXXXXX.  XXXXXX took Jan’s e-mail address and will send Steve a cost perspective of both plans.

3:30 pm Left XXXXXX’s office, went to end of power plant area facing 3rd avenue bridge, photographed area.

4:55 pm Call to Steve, went over benifits of doing the physical model.  He said Sara was coming over to their house tonight.

5:30 pm Back at office......file work.

6:10 pm End.

7:55 pm Call to Sara at Steve and Jan’s house. Went over river data from XXXXXX.  She stated that when ice was forming on south side of Nicollet Island, she and others would break it up, while looking for Chris.

8:15 pm End.


9:30 am Call to Steve, update on possible cost for working model of river, XXXXXX as quoted by XXXXXX in the message he left for me late Friday afternoon.



10:22 am Call to XXXXXX, recorded: 
   river levels
   river speed
   hydro power people witness
   backwater
   main body
    can’t, under third bridge water currents, need 2 dementional or working model, not as conclusive as working model, river changes a lot at that model....30 to 40 thousand.
   satilite photos, no charge, will look for sources......possible.
   possiple that Chris could have been under one of bays of bridge during winter.  They need to check modeling to eliminate that first prior to eliminating other areas.
   only points he could be stuck would be in shade, need to eliminate being stuck on sandbar.
   depth of water on sandbar.
   XXXXXX will check on various, simple river data, first, before engaugining in more expensive endevours.

10:37 am Call to Steve, left message for him to call me regarding above data.

4:40 pm Call from Steve, went over new information from XXXXXX.


12:27 pm Call from XXXXXX; due to the Anoka reporting station RIVER FLOW GAUGE being frozen from December 3, 2002 to March 11, 2003, no direct data on river flow rates are availabe.  This affects calculations in river modeling.  I asked him if they could factor in river flow data from before and after the gauge froze and work out a model, to which XXXXXX said, very possibly, by factoring in precipitaion during the period and other factors.  He said the average mean low tempurature after November 11th was under 32 degrees F.  He did say that solor radiation is a factor at river level in preventing the forming of ice.  He is going to seek satilite information first and get back to me for the following reasons: 1.  Cost effective
2.  It could be the best source, if availabe, in tracking the tree and Chris in the Mississippi river.

2:22 pm Drove to Proex, picked up recent photos taken from power plant area....$18.00

3:01 am Call to Steve, update on above data, left message on his work answering machine for him.  File updates;

4:25 am End.

02-25-03: Pat Brown

8:23 pm Fax from Jenkins about profiler XXXXXX.

9:32 pm Call to XXXXXX -went over profiler information.

9:45 pm End call.


9:10 am Call from Steve, went over XXXXXX data, he faxed me a 17 page background on her.



2:30 pm XXXXXX (The Sexual Homicide Exchange - cell = XXXXXX XXXXXX),  XXXXXX and myself, met at this office; discussion revolved around:
   Minnesota Drivers license number: XXXXXX
   previous address in Minneapolis: XXXXXX....also XXXXXX   Aliases: XXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXX
   age 38
   Caucasian, 5' 10", 155 pounds, blonde buzz cut, blue eyes, weightlifter
   has lived off and on in Minnesota for 15 years
   attended Bilble College in Minneapolis for two years
   Has worked in massage parlors, in security, travel agencies
   previous arrests; prositution-massage parlor in 1987, terroristic threats
   known to have been arrested in Minneapolis
   has been known to travel frequently..Mpls to Chicago and farther east
   known to have been actively engaged in on-line deviant homosexual, drowning/murder website(s). 
   XXXXXX had made contact with XXXXXX via pretexted on line discussions involving hard core homosexual drowning/death interactive discussions
   advertizes to act out death scenes (theirs).
   possibly in therapy to control his homicidal desire.
   XXXXXX last on-line contact with XXXXXX was in 2001
  XXXXXX presented numerous printouts of interactive, on-line discussions with XXXXXX. All
were very sexually explicit and oriented towards homicide by drowning. XXXXXX showed great interest in one particular correspondence with XXXXXX, in which she (her pretext was that of a 14 year old boy) had watched her brother drown. XXXXXX was extremely interested in this.  Often, XXXXXX would put great attention on certain body characteristics: body hair on legs & arms, lean-muscular body types that would exhibit muscular abdominal areas (which he would describe in relation to the body’s pre-death struggle, in which the visual contraction of the abdominal section could be viewed as a victim would struggle to breathe in their last moments prior to drowning), bulging eyes during final phase of desperation in gaining air prior to drowning, deviant sexual acts performed orally on drowning victim - pre-death, during the last attempt at gulping for air.
  I placed a call to XXXXXX and XXXXXX requesting background data.
  XXXXXX left at approximatley 6:00 pm.  I continued discussion with XXXXXX until 8:30 pm

8:30 pm End.

Investigation begins


10:35 AM Contacted by XXXXXX has friend who’s son is missing since Halloween night.

10:40 AM  Contacted by XXXXXX -gave me name of parents and subject and following:
   Chris Jenkins,  his girlfriend and another couple were at the Lone Tree Bar on Halloween night.  Christopher was dressed as an American Indian.
   while in the bar at approximately 12:30 PM Christopher walked away from his girlfriend to speak with other couple.  He did speak with couple then headed back toward the area his girlfriend was located.  He disappeared from view and further contact at that point.

10:45 AM  Page from Steven Jenkins.

10:51 AM  Call to Steven Jenkins, gave me data on command post, his FBI brother in law and that he and wife Jan would be at the Holiday Inn around 3:30 PM today.

10:59 AM Started file.

11:07 AM Call to command post-spoke with XXXXXX -wants confirmation from Jenkins that I am on case.

11:19 AM Re-contact with S. Jenkins-requested he confirm with XXXXXX that I am on case.
  I informed Mr. Jenkins that I would be bringing in an associate of mine in on the
case.  Steve agreed to that arrangement and the fees per investigator.

11:40 AM Call to XXXXXX, informed him of case and he agreed to work with me on case.  We set up a 3:30 PM meet time at the Holiday Inn Metrodome.

2:30 PM Left office for Holiday Inn.

3:04 PM Arrived Holiday Inn, parked in front on driveway.

3:15 PM XXXXXX arrived-parked his vehicle in hotel ramp.

3:16 PM Vehicle stopped next to me with Steve, Jan and Sara Jenkins.  Steve explained that Sara had information for me.  She subsequently sat in my vehicle and we were quickly joined by XXXXXX at which time Sara gave me the following information:
   Sara Jenkins is 24 years of age.
   Chris and friends had an evening of party and drinking on Halloween night, with part of the evening being spent at the Lone Tree Bar and Grill in Minneapolis.
   Friends that went with Chris to Lone Tree bar (same vehicle).
   XXXXXX (girlfriend of Chris): cell= XXXXXX.  XXXXXX works at Lone Tree bar.  She last saw Chris at approximately 12:00 am (11-01-02) in the Lone Tree bar.
   XXXXXX: XXXXXX. He was the driver of the vehicle in which Chris and friends used to go to the Lone Tree.  XXXXXX last saw Chris at approximately 12:40 am on 11-01-02 at Lone Tree.
   XXXXXX: XXXXXX.  Was at Lone tree, thought Chris had left with XXXXXX.
   XXXXXX: may have had an altercation with bartender at Lone Tree that night.
  Left Chris’s house in separate car 1) XXXXXX: XXXXXX. 2)  XXXXXX (girlfriend of XXXXXX: XXXXXX 3) XXXXXX 4) XXXXXX?-driver.
  XXXXXX? - took XXXXXX and XXXXXX Home at approximately 1:00 AM.  He had looked for Chris and not seeing him thought Chris left previously.
  XXXXXX and Chris have been dating for approximately 2 months.
  XXXXXX works at the Lone Tree Bar & Grill.
  XXXXXX is a student at the U of M.
  Chris was captain of Lacrosse team at U.  He is know as:
   jokester, clown, smart, athletic, loyal to friends, drinks, might get offensive if drinking, stand-up type of guy, would not cower away from a confrontation, student at U of M-senior, might use pot, lives in house on campus.
  Chris was intoxicated while in Loan Tree Bar.
  Chris may have been mad or confronted by some “cowboy” in the bar.
  he last spoke to Sara on Oct. 30th, 2002 at 8:00 pm and sounded good.
  lives in house on campus.
  speaks to Sara on a weekly basis.
  XXXXXX got a ride home with a Minneapolis Police officer from the Lone Tree on night in question.  She arrived home around 1:15 AM.
  XXXXXX told Sara she had looked for Chris and not seeing him assumed he went home with other friends.
  Chris works as a Lacrosse coach for Eden Prairie High School.
  he might bank at U.S. Bank.
  while at the Lone Tree, XXXXXX held on to Chris’ wallet as Chris did not have any pockets on his costume.
  best friend of Chris is XXXXXX from Eden Prairie.
  XXXXXX -another close friend of Chris’.
   11:30 pm XXXXXX
   12:15 am XXXXXX
   12:30 am XXXXXX
   12:40 am XXXXXX (driver of car that brought Chris, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, to Lone Tree Bar).

Bridges and river currents


9:00 am Met Steve and Jan Jenkins at Hennepin County Medical Examiners office.  I reviewed autopsy photos (79) while Steve and Jan met privately with Dr. XXXXXX.
  Autopsy was unremarkable in regard to obvious damage to Chris.  The lack of
obvious and internal damage seems to eliminate, to a degree, Chris jumping off, or falliing off the Hennepin avenue bridge, as he would likely have made contact with the steel I-beam located exterior of the bridge wall.  A more likely bridge would be the much lower one that leads to the Warf and other resturants.

10:45 am End meeting.

1:30 pm Drove to attorney XXXXXX office.  Jan, Steve and myself, met with XXXXXX about the possibility of his taking the case on in a civil action.  He is going to review the case and get back to us.

5:00 pm Back at office.


6:00 pm File work and billing review.


11:30 pm Billing submitted; XXXXXX...........30.75 hours


12:30 pm Drove to Mpls. Mississippi River area along N.E. side.  Dropped orange rubber dummy in river off NE side of  IRON BRIDGE.  The dummy drfted with current, underneath and past the 3rd avenue bridge.  I drove around from the Iron Bridge area to the reasturant area east of the 3rd. Avenue bridge.  Walking down to the shoreline, I watched the dummy flow with the current and drift to within 8 feet of where I was standing.  I picked up the same dummy and returned to the Iron Bridge, where I then dropped it into the river within 20 yards of the Nicollet Island shoreline (North side) and watched it flow with the current.  As the dummy drifted toward the far east point of the island, it slowed considerably in the dead zone or eddie  area.  After about five minutes it continued out into the open area underneath the 3rd avenue bridge and subsequently ended up in the middle of the Excel Power plant area where a large amount of river debrie had accumulated just west of a fence that prevents such objects from passing over a narrow falls which lies on the north-east side of the parking lot on the property.  I drove to the Excel site where I met with a XXXXXX, who works for Excel (he wore a magnetic braclet for arthritis) who explained to me that when the (4) Excel turnbines are on, anything in the river north of the dam would be sucked into this area.  He said a search of records would reveal if the turbines were on when Chris’ body was found.   He also said, based on his experience, that objects flowing in the backwater or underneath the Iron Bridge, would most certainly end up by the power plant and not by the dam.  I also met witha XXXXXX, phone = XXXXXX, at this facility, who is working as a Information Technology professional for U of M. at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Institute of Technology.  XXXXXX, Mpls, MN, 55414. He said I should contact XXXXXX......? at XXXXXX, in regard to doing river current experiments with life size dummy’s to help understand where Chris’ body might have traveled from.

3:30 pm Back at office

Chris' Body Found


4:00 pm Chris Jenkins body is spotted in Mississippi River under Third avenue bridge in Minneapolis.

6:28 pm Body of Chris pulled from river.

8:05 pm Steve Jenkins receives confirmation that it is believed to be Chris’ body that was recoverd by XXXXXXX, MPD homocide.

Constant media and Jenkins phone calls.

11:40 pm XXXXXXX, WCCO TV does interview at my office.

1:30 am End


All day news contacts.

Call to Dr. XXXXXX North Memorial Hospital, inquired of another Pathologist, he did not have a suggestion.  Went over XXXXXX’s theory of Chris going over bridge but I told XXXXXX Chris’s shoes were still on......he said highly unlikely that loafers would stay on after a jump into the river.



8:37 am Drove to Marriot Courtyard to meet with Steve, Jan, XXXXXX and XXXXXX

9:12 am Arrived. Drove to Minneapolis with group.  Went to Chris Jenkins home, XXXXXX
  gave her “psychic” rendition of Chris’s abduction.

11:00 am Drove to Lone Tree bar area.  XXXXXX said we would not find Chris, that Chris would be found in a construction site by a construction worker.  Said vehicle used in abduction of Chris was a mid-50's Olds or Buick, lots of chrome on bumper area, dark green in color.  She said Chris was the first victim by this perp, that this perp had visited the Gay 90's bar that night, had spotted Chris as he (perp) drove around the block, entered the key-card-access controlled parking area behind the Lone Tree and abducted Chris.  Together (Chris was either dead or unconscious at that point), they went left on Hennepin and drove towards and over the Hennepin avenue bridge.  This would have been impossible as 5th street was entirely blocked off on Hennepin with concrete barriers during the time Chris disappeared due to light-rail construction.  XXXXXX also went from being rather specific in what she was going to do and where Chris was, prior to her coming to Minneapolis to speaking in more general terms which could cover many different areas.  In her saying she saw alleys and construction fences in her mind, those things are typical of a major city and not very specific.  I also had the feeling she had prior knowledge of events and possibly the area. 

12:30 pm Drove to Marganita Bella restaurant on Central and Spring streets Northeast in Minneapolis.  We parked in rear of restaurant where XXXXXX stated Chris had been brought here by a homosexual killer.  She and I went inside the restaurant and met with XXXXXX.  XXXXXX described the person we were looking for as being a white male, possibly an Hispanic, homosexual.  She at first told me the owner of the bar knew the killer in question and knew of his classic car.  XXXXXX knew nothing about anyone described by XXXXXX nor did he ever see a classic Olds or Buick park at his restaurant.  XXXXXX seemed to be fishing for answers rather then telling what was actually reality.

12:45 pm Drove to a small crafts shop on 3rd street Northeast just off of Broadway and 2nd avenue Northeast in Minneapolis.  There, XXXXXX disappeared into the rear of the store where she apparently talked to a dog who in turn connected to XXXXXX via telepathy and communicated ideas back to XXXXXX.

1:30 pm I drove Steve and Jan Jenkins back to their vehicle parked behind Chris’s house.  Both were quite upset.  I explained my opinion of XXXXXX, which was that I believed her to not be an accreted psychic but rather one who was clever and deceptive.  I went over XXXXXX’s  impossible explanation as to the direction of travel the perp drove after abduction Chris on Hennepin avenue, which would have taken the vehicle through concrete barriers on 5th street.
2:30 pm back at office.

Halloween night

Events on Halloween night:
   Chris picked up XXXXXX between 8:00 and 8:30 PM
   they first went to Chris’ house at XXXXXX in Minneapolis.
   there was a keg of beer at house and numerous guests.
   they drank at house from approximately 9:00 pm to 10:30 PM.
   drove to Lone Tree bar in XXXXXX’s car.
   XXXXXX parked vehicle in E-block parking ramp using 7th street entrance
   in the car were: Chris, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, and an old roommate of Chris’? (re-check against recorded interview tape)
    they arrived at the Loan Tree which has:
    an upstairs (street level) called the Lone Tree and a downstairs portion called the Annex.
   the bar was busy for a Thursday and most patrons were in costume.
11-02-02 cont.
   XXXXXX dressed as a police officer in shorts, fishnet stocking, knee high
    boots and a tied up blue Minneapolis Police uniform shirt.
   the police shirt was given to her by Minneapolis Police officer XXXXXX. (Downtown precinct)
   Chris has only been in the Lone Tree bar a few times before.
   Chris was dressed in an American Indian costume: buckskin colored clothing, matching headband with a single feather, no belt, no pockets.
   Chris had purchased costume that day at Rosedale.
   XXXXXX held on to Chris wallet and cell phone as he had no pockets.
   neither had keys on them for Chris’ house.
   there was no money in Chris’ wallet.
   Chris thought he had $100.00 missing from the wallet earlier in the morning on the same day.
   Chris got up that morning, put on sweat pants and took XXXXXX to work at 10:00 am.  He did not take his wallet with him at that time.  When Chris got home his wallet was in a different place.  He questioned his roommates and got a vague response.
   XXXXXX worked the previous night at the Lone Tree then she and Chris went to the Mega Mall for a movie (Red Dragon) and food (Players).  They returned home around 1:00 am.
   XXXXXX stayed with Chris that night (10-30-02).
   Chris has a habit of misplacing his wallet and keys.
   XXXXXX worked on Halloween day from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
   Chris picked up XXXXXX at work.  Chris was already in costume.  XXXXXX’s brother was also with them- XXXXXX, 18 years of age, freshman at U of M.  Lives in XXXXXX.
   XXXXXX then dropped Chris off at his class at the U.
   she was driving her 1991 Mercury Sable, maroon in color..
   XXXXXX and XXXXXX went shopping.
  Later at Lone Tree Restaurant
  arrived at approximately 11:00 PM
  XXXXXX’s 3 female roommates were working at the Lone Tree at that time, names:
   XXXXXX -student at U of M.
   XXXXXX X -student at U of M.
   XXXXXX -student at St. Thomas.
  another roommate of XXXXXX’s was also there:
   XXXXXX (sp?)-later her would get so drunk he would be carried out of bar.
   XXXXXX was floating around the bar.
   she was buying $1.00 shots for others.
   XXXXXX was buzzed, feeling good.
   Chris was buzzed and had more to drink then XXXXXX prior to getting there
11-02-02 cont.
   Chris would be protective of XXXXXX if needed.
   there had been no conflicts between Chris and XXXXXX that day or in the bar.
   they exchanges many hugs and kisses in the bar.
   there were other male friends of XXXXXX’s in the bar but none of the relationships were anything other then just friendships.
   XXXXXX said she was overly friendly with people in the bar.
   she stated she was hit on by many men.
   she stated she would “flirt” back and forth with Minneapolis Police officers that worked in the bar.
   she (?) came up from the downstairs Annex just prior to close of the bar looking for Chris and others she had arrived with.  She was angry that Chris was not there.  (poss. Motive to get even, leave with XXXXXX)
   there was a meeting for bar employees after close that XXXXXX stayed for.  The meeting lasted from approximately 1:30 am to 1:35 am and had to do with employees drinking prior to coming to work and on the job. 
   XXXXXX took XXXXXX home.  She arrived home at approximately 1:45 am.
   she staggered to the door of her house.
   she called Chris’ cell phone but finally realized his cell phone was in her purse and she did not call Chris at his house.
   she got up the next morning at 9:15 am. 
   XXXXXX was the only one at her house.
   she went to Chris’ house-he was not home at 9:28 am.
   his bed had no been slept in and there was no costume in his undisturbed room.
   XXXXXX was at Chris’s house sleeping in bed.
   XXXXXX woke XXXXXX up.
   she joked with XXXXXX about how what if Chris was seeing some else.
   XXXXXX went to work, she was off at 4:00 pm
   she drove to Chris’ house in her car.
   she said there was a basketball game on Halloween night.
   two of the bar managers are:
   her ex-boyfriend of 2 ½ years:
    dob: XXXXXX
    over 6' 170 lbs
    from Ashby, MN
    cell : XXXXXX
    his parents live in Ashby     
    she met with XXXXXX a few weeks ago at Bobby Zee’s.
    XXXXXX called her and was concerned about Chris.
    question: did XXXXXX know Chris was going to be at Lone Tree?
    XXXXXX was a controlling individual.
    she met XXXXXX again on Tuesday, 10-29-02 at Town Hall Bar located at 7 corners 
    Chris was not with XXXXXX at either meeting between XXXXXX and XXXXXX.
    suggest checking his cell records prior to and just after Halloween.
    XXXXXX attends the U of M.
    XXXXXX is his father.
    XXXXXX lives at XXXXXX Apartments-close to Christopher & XXXXXX.
    XXXXXX ?  is a roommate of XXXXXX.  He is small/light in stature.
    While at the Town Hall, XXXXXX apologized to XXXXXX for previous problems.
    XXXXXX has a current girlfriend.
    he had a DUI in Wilmar in 2000.
    XXXXXX originally believed XXXXXX would be working Halloween evening.
    XXXXXX makes his money in the summer working for his father in his father’s electrical business.
    he doesn’t work during the school year.
    during the Town Hall encounter with XXXXXX, XXXXXX seemed to be mending fences with XXXXXX.
    At the Town Hall XXXXXX told XXXXXX she was seeing Christopher exclusively.
    XXXXXX had met XXXXXX in her freshman year at school.
    Chris had lost his bank-card earlier in the week.

5:36 PM end XXXXXX interview.

5:53 PM Room 615-Holiday Inn.  Interview with XXXXXX, phone= XXXXXX.  The following was given by them and by their account most of this information was given to them by XXXXXX & XXXXXX who knew Chris from the summer.  They were all in Phoenix.  They had mutual friends and became friends over the summer.
   there seemed to be two different groups on Halloween.  The group Chris was with and then a group of friends that were a little closer and a little more “straight” then the group that he was with.  The group he was with might have been a little bit shadier.  XXXXXX and XXXXXX indicated to XXXXXX & XXXXXX that the one group on people might be into drugs.
   XXXXXX knows someone (her stepsister) that works at the Lone Tree,
called her parents and said “I don’t know what is going on but my manager is acting really strange, like he is on some kind of strange drug.  Now the stepsister is denying she ever said anything.
   Chris was escorted or bounced out of the Lone Tree.
   employees of the Lone Tree are now closing ranks and controlling outgoing information about Halloween.
   the bouncers will be back on duty this evening at approximately 8:45 pm.

5:57 PM Room 615-Holiday Inn.  Interview with (XXXXXX and myself) XXXXXX, dob= XXXXXX, phone= XXXXXX, address= XXXXXX S.E., Mpls.
  XXXXXX gave us the following information:
   He was on the Lacrosse team with Chris for 3 years.
   Last saw Chris on Thursday afternoon-Halloween day.
   XXXXXX fell while running close to Chris’ house-went to Chris to get leg iced.
   Chris gave him ice.  Time was between 4:00 & 5:00 pm.
   He fell around 4:00 pm, went to Chris’ house, Chris took XXXXXX home at approximately

5:00 pm.
   Chris told XXXXXX he planned on going downtown that evening.
   Chris never brought up that someone took $100.00 from his wallet that same morning (as stated by XXXXXX previously).
   Chris was already dressed in his Halloween Indian costume when XXXXXX entered his house just after 4:00 pm. The costume included a headband with a red feather sticking out of it.
   While XXXXXX was at Chris’ house (4-5 pm) Chris left to pick up XXXXXX and her brother and returned back to his house.
   XXXXXX said Chris was real happy with XXXXXX, that things were going great between the two of them.
   XXXXXX ended up going to Fairview Riverside Hospital to have his leg checked.
   XXXXXX’s roommate took him to Fairview around 9:30 pm.
   He got out of the hospital around 11:00 pm.
   He went back to his house for awhile.
   He called Chris’ cell phone (between 11:00 pm and 12:00 am) when he got home but there was no answer.
   XXXXXX placed a call to Chris’ house and spoke with one of  Chris’ roommates (XXXXXX) who said they were just hanging out
   Around midnight to 12:30 he/they decided to go over to Chris’ house.
   XXXXXX and his roommate went over to Chris’ house to just “hang out.”
   There were 3 of Chris’ roommates and some kids that had come back from the bar at the house when XXXXXX arrived.
   The following individuals/roommates of Chris Jenkins were at his house:
    XXXXXX.   
    XXXXXX n.  Phone= XXXXXX.
XXXXXX’s two roommates are:
   a couple other individuals got to the house some time after 1:00 am.
   XXXXXX, the driver of the car that took Chris and others to the Lone Tree never showed or came over to Chris’s house at the time XXXXXX was there.
   review of people in house when XXXXXX and his roommates arrived at Chris’s house: XXXXXX, XXXXXX AND XXXXXX plus a couple others that arrived after approximately 1:00 am.
   XXXXXX did (when he first got there) ask where Chris was. He thought XXXXXX said Chris had previously left the bar.
   A couple of the kids agreed with that Chris had left the bar.  They thought he probably went to XXXXXX’s house.
   earlier in the day Chris had been looking for some grass.
   XXXXXX had asked Chris earlier (between 4 and 5 pm) if he had any grass because of the pain in his leg due to the fall.  Chris said he did not at the time but would go out and look for some.
   While XXXXXX was either in or going to the hospital, Chris called XXXXXX’s roommate XXXXXX and told him there was a keg of beer at Chris’s house.
   XXXXXX was somewhat surprised that Chris did not have his cell phone on him at the bar. 
   XXXXXX didn’t know if Chris’s cell phone had a holding clip on it.
   He didn’t know if Chris’s costume had pockets in it or not.
   when Chris gets intoxicated he:
    acts jovial
    if someone would mess with his friends he would challenge them or get defensive.
    he sticks up for his friends.
    Chris is not the type of a person that would back down from a fight or challenge.
    Chris is not the type that would throw the first punch without cause.
    has never seen Chris get aggressive without a reason.
    if someone was talking to his girlfriend he would/might just talk to them.
    Chris is not the jealous type.
    He has seen XXXXXX talk to other guys.
    XXXXXX was wearing a “Cop” costume for Halloween.
   XXXXXX heard the following from individuals about Halloween at Lone Tree.
    the bar was packed and loud.
    most of Chris’s friends were pretty drunk.
    Chris doesn’t usually like to be in a packed bar with a bunch of kids getting drunk.
    there are times when Chris would be in a bar that he would not answer his phone.
    Chris would typically not leave his girlfriend behind at the bar.
    XXXXXX told XXXXXX she was drunk while at the bar.

6:20 PM end interview.

7:09 PM Met (XXXXXX and myself) with XXXXXX room 628 of the Holiday Inn (XXXXXX was in room and is a friend of hers). She repeated to me information she received from XXXXXXX, a part time waitress at the Lone Tree bar:
   XXXXXXX had substituted for XXXXXXX on Halloween night at Lone Tree.
   XXXXXX had seen Chris at the Lone Tree on Halloween.
   Two bouncers that “someone” saw may have escorted Chris out of the bar (information was from XXXXXX to XXXXXX).
   These same two bouncers are working tonight (11-02-02) and are coming on duty at 9:00 pm.
   XXXXXX is manager of Lone Tree.
   XXXXXX is another manager, works behind the bar.
   “They” think he was unable to re-enter the Lone Tree because he had no ID.
   Chris was dressed in an Indian costume with brown-suede pants and shirt.
   These people came into the Lone Tree some time after 9:00 pm on Halloween in the same car- XXXXXX’s.
    XXXXXX (correct spelling)
    XXXXXX (XXXXXX’s girlfriend)
   These people left the bar some time between 12:30 am an 1:00 am.
XXXXXX would know when they left and where they went.

Ask about XXXXXX and XXXXXX