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Chinese food: The good and the bad

Chinese food has gotten a bad rap, but here are some healthy ways to serve up this fare.
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Question: Which Chinese foods are healthy and which should I avoid?

Answer: The best choices are those dishes that are steamed. You would need to specify that the dishes be steamed as most dishes are stir-fried with quite a bit of oil. For example, steamed chicken with veggies, with sauce on the side (i.e. garlic or brown sauce) with brown or white rice. This is a very healthy dish. Steamed dumplings are a good choice as well.

Moo shu dishes are not a bad choice as they tend to be less greasy than some of the other dishes.

If you still want a stir-fried dish, avoid the dishes that contain deep fried items (i.e. "crispy" chicken and mixed vegetables in brown sauce). Also avoid egg rolls, fried dumplings, and fried rice.

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Published Dec. 8, 2003.

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