YesDTC Announces New Infomercial for the MediPendant(TM) Medical Alarm

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YesDTC Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:YESD), a direct-to-consumer global distributor and marketer of consumer goods and products, announced today the Company will officially begin airing its new infomercial for the MediPendant™ personal medial alarm, by Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. (OTCBB:MDHI), beginning today on six national cable stations in addition to local broadcast stations.

The new infomercial for MediPendant™ is sponsored by YesDTC and is set to start airing on Wednesday October 27th on the Discovery Health channel. It will continue to run throughout the week at various times on multiple national cable stations including Discovery Health, ESPN News, Inspiration, Lifetime Movie, Tru TV and TV Land as well as on local broadcast stations such as Northwest Cable News, until the end of the month. 

Following the successful conclusion of this test market run, YesDTC plans to expand programming of the infomercial nationwide in a full rollout of the MediPendant™ marketing campaign. The campaign will target a wide audience of viewers in the 30 to 55 year age range who have elderly parents or loved ones that could benefit from the safety and assurance the MediPendant™ device can provide, including access to medical and emergency response personnel and/or personal contacts within the device user's network of friends and family. 

The MediPendant™ infomercial can also be viewed by clicking on the following link: . 

About the MediPendant™ Personal Alarm Device

Medical Alarm Concepts™ offers a unique, patented, medical emergency alarm system that is different from all other personal emergency response (PERS) systems on the market today. MDHI's MediPendant™ product offers several revolutionary and highly desirable features, including the ability to speak and listen to the operator directly through the pendant, an extended range of mobility from the base station, which enables the user to move virtually anywhere in or around their home, and a call center staffed around the clock with EMT-certified operators. Specifically, the MediPendant™ system enables the device wearer to move up to 600+ feet away from the main base station, a distance that far exceeds competitive offerings on the market today that instead require the user to be within speaking distance of the base station box, a situation that may not be conducive to an emergency if the end user is not near the base station. 

Additionally, MediPendant's™ advanced call center technology allows for three-way calling between the operator, the user, and the dispatched first responders and/or a friend and family member. Currently, no other available PERS systems offer the benefit of three-way voice conferencing directly through the pendant. Finally, EMT-certified operators are guaranteed to stay on the line with the MediPendant™ user until the problem is resolved or help arrives.

About YesDTC Holding, Inc.

YesDTC Holdings, Inc. is a direct-to-consumer marketing company specializing in direct response television (DRTV), internet and retail marketing programs. The Company brings a unique set of skills to this market space. YesDTC combines both the creative talents and financial acumen in order to create a total package for direct-to-consumer marketing programs. Importantly, the Company also maintains a strategic partnership with Schulberg Media Works (SMW), a pioneering media production firm in the direct-to-consumer space with a highly acclaimed list of successful client campaigns and product infomercials. SMW's track record is impressive, with nearly $1.0 billion in revenues generated and a high profile list of industry awards and recognition. Specifically, SMW campaigns include Tempur-Pedic, Guthy-Renker, Sony, 24-Hour Fitness, Rhino Records, HarperCollins and PureSleep, among many others.

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