Tax refunds vanish from some Georgia accounts

/ Source: news services

Some Georgia residents say they watched their 2010 tax refunds disappear from their bank accounts, leaving them with overdrawn accounts and overdraft fees, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Robert Freeman told the newspaper that he noticed that his 2010 refund was in his account on Sunday, but went missing on Tuesday.

"It happened to me and my brother-in-law," Freeman said. "Unfortunately, he spent his $500 and now he is running around trying to cover bad checks."

Freeman wasn't alone. Alton Carter also told the Journal Constitution that his tax refund had been deposited into his account on Monday.

"When I woke up this morning it was reversed," Carter said.

Carter said a note on his bank statement showed that the state had withdrawn the refund.

Reg Lansbury, a spokesman for the state Department of Revenue, confirmed that several complaints had been made about missing money from bank accounts. He would not provide further details.

"We know there is an issue, and we are trying to determine the scope of it. We are in the fact-gathering stage right now," Lansbury told the newspaper.