Governor Gary Johnson Places 3rd in CPAC Straw Poll, 1st in Republican Liberty Caucus Straw Poll; Exceeds Expectations in Both

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Governor Gary Johnson receives strong straw poll showing from CPAC and Republican Liberty Caucus - 3rd and 1st, respectively; exceeds expectations at both

Former Governor of New Mexico spoke to both groups this weekend; brings unique voice of leadership on fiscal restraint and personal liberties to Republican Party

Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico spoke to both CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and the RLC (Republican Liberty Caucus: National Conventions this week.  At CPAC, Johnson placed 3rd in the Presidential straw poll. The RLC's Presidential straw poll showed him in 1st  place. Johnson was only notified two days prior to the CPAC event that he would be allowed to speak to the general audience.

Longtime Gary Johnson strategist Ron Nielson, was amazed at the groundswell of support for Governor Johnson at both conferences this week. "There was a lot of talk about Governor Johnson at CPAC, many people were meeting him for the first time and they liked his message.  In particular the younger crowd seems to be supportive and fired up." Nielson went on to say that "Gary Johnson provides a voice of needed reason and common sense leadership within the Republican Party, he is willing to talk about issues that otherwise would not be heard. We are thrilled with the results; the support Gary Johnson received exceeded our expectations."

Gary Johnson is consistently heralded as a true fiscal conservative.  As Governor of New Mexico, he eliminated the State's budget deficit and cut the rate of growth in state government in half. Additionally, for the past year, he has continued to emphasize the danger of our federal debt, and how it poses the greatest single threat to our national security. 

During CPAC, several organizations sponsored events on behalf of Governor Johnson: Republican Liberty Caucus, Citizens Opposing Prohibition, Americans for Tax Reform, Log Cabin Republicans, Students for Liberty, Free and Equal Election Foundation, Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, MPP, and GoProud.  Please contact Sue Winchester at or 801.303.7924 to schedule an interview.

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About Governor Gary Johnson: As Governor of New Mexico from 1994 to 2002, Gary Johnson was known for his common-sense business approach to governing.  Since launching OUR America in 2009, Governor Johnson has traveled to 34 states around the country, engaging the public in open dialogue regarding pertinent issues of the day, including: lowering taxes, reducing deficits and creating jobs. Governor Johnson also supports marijuana legalization, immigration work visas and ending the war in Afghanistan, a conflict he has repeatedly stated the United States can no longer afford. 

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