New AquaClimb Poolside Climbing Wall Enters Market with a Splash

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FREDERICK, Md., March 29, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pyramide USA has announced the official launch of its new AquaClimb Sport Model for the North American Market.

Just like iPhone 4 has 'changed everything, again', the new AquaClimb Sport is changing the rules of the game again in the market of Aquatic recreation. Closely following in the footsteps of its highly successful predecessor – AquaClimb Classic model, the new wall has received a wave of attention and rave reviews from both Aquatic Professionals and Architects at the recent NRPA show.

Six years ago when the first AquaClimb poolside climbing wall appeared on the market, it was nothing short of a revolution in aquatic recreation and fitness. The deep end of the pool has not seen much change since the invention of the slide in the 1930s. Lately, due to the new regulations many facilities were forced to remove diving boards leaving pool directors scrambling for a solution to entertain the patrons and introduce another deep end activity. AquaClimb has successfully stepped up to the task providing an innovative activity that combined fun and fitness in a safe package. The product became an instant hit and has been purchased by hundreds of pools in North America.

Late in 2010 the company has finally unveiled its new product – the AquaClimb Sport. While the Classic wall was modular and colorful appealing to kids and teens, the new model is a monolith structure made from transparent lexane. It is taller, more challenging and has a modern design. The latter immediately gained it kudos from architects and aquatic designers who are already integrating the product into new facilities.

With tallest walls going up to 24ft, the new activity is bound to become the most challenging and thrilling experience for the pool patrons around the country. "Our goal is, really, to change the face of the aquatic recreation and fitness industry. Today climbing is one of the most popular pastimes and combining it with water activities makes perfect sense. Within the span of the next two years we are looking to introduce a more affordable residential variation and a 'natural' variation that feels and looks like a real rock surface. " said the CEO of AquaClimb – Russell Moy.

Considering the dire straits the aquatic industry has been in for the last decade, this may just be one of the solutions that will bring about the desired change.


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