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InfraMetrix and Solutions Modex Launch InfraModex(TM): Decision Support Software for Urban Infrastructures

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

TAMPA, Fla., April 15, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InfraMetrix LLC and Solutions Modex, Inc. of Montreal, Canada today announced InfraModex™, an infrastructure information decision support system that helps municipalities predict and prioritize Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) spending on physical infrastructure, and develop long-term, cost-effective intervention plans while maintaining an acceptable level of service.

InfraModex applies risk management and financial analysis to infrastructure asset management, helping public CFOs and other decision makers understand the relationship between budget, asset failure risk, and service level. InfraModex uses aging models and user-defined decision trees (for water distribution, wastewater collection, or roads) to simulate any number of maintenance scenarios, identifying the most economical solution for achieving the desired level of service. It takes into consideration the actual and future condition of the asset, maintenance and investment policies, historical and forecasted asset behavior, and the relationship between all of these elements.

Commented Bill DiTullio, InfraMetrix' CEO: "Optimizing decision-making in the context of aging infrastructure and constrained budgets is vital to the survival of our cities. InfraModex helps answer two crucial questions that must be asked prior to a CAPEX funding. 'Is my current level of funding adequate for the service level we want to provide to customers for an indefinite future? If the current funding is not adequate, when will there be noticeable service degradation?' InfraModex is geared not only at taking the right action (repair, rehab, rebuild, etc.), but also maximizing available human and financial resources and ensuring that a minimum quality/safety threshold is maintained long term."

Commented Pierre Lévesque, Vice President of Marketing for Solutions Modex: "InfraModex is a unique and innovative software tool that optimizes your investments, quantifies your risks and increases the probability of achieving your goals based on your specific decision criteria and tolerance for risk."

Commented beta user City of Gatineau, Canada: "InfraModex's sophisticated financial modeling algorithms  mimic random occurrences in life expectancy and cost of work. This approach we think is more in tune with real life and helps us optimize our investment strategies on a life cycle basis. We can easily modify and test multiple investment strategies, with minimal external support, which gives us greater confidence that the end product is optimized.  The software also  takes into account decisions made for individual assets and coordinate the results over time, so that the end product is fully integrated. We intend on exploiting this capability by producing in 2012 a fully integrated investment plan for water and roads."-- Normand Hachey, Engineer, Bureau Project Chief,  Infrastructure Intervention Network Plan

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About InfraMetrix

InfraMetrix LLC ( ) is a leading provider of buried asset inventory, and condition and risk assessment data for water, wastewater sewer and stormwater systems. Our services help you make smart maintenance decisions and prioritize your capital investments for improved performance of your underground assets. The company is privately-held and headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

About Solutions Modex

Founded in 2001, Solutions Modex ( ) specializes in the design of customized financial software in the areas of risk management, computerized financial modeling and integrated decision support systems. We provide to our clients a clear picture of the risk/return relationship based on their perceptions and their risk tolerance. The company is privately-held and headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

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