Wanted: A high-tech high heel worthy of NASA

Image: High-tech high heel
The Moon Life high heel, created by United Nude,  is high-tech to the max.Courtesy of Fast Company Design
/ Source: Fast Company

Creating a product for lunar travel means ultimate attention paid to mass, volume, and versatility. The Moon Life, created by United Nude — the shoe company of Rem D. Koolhaas, big Rem's nephew — isn't rocket-bound anytime soon, but it makes you wonder what our earthly products would look like if every designer were so economical.

The shoe arrives flat-packed and disassembled, its constituent parts made of carbon fiber, leather, and thin-gauge wire.

The customer assembles the parts using inserts corresponding to their shoe size, and spans the wire around the platform.

Thus is formed a ghostly shoe for which a thick bed of moon dust is no obstacle.

According to United Nude, the shoe also functions well in "gravity rich" environments as well, and soon you'll be able to buy it.

The final version of the product is still being refined in anticipation of a very small production run, which will be sold here, as well as at museum gift shops and UnitedNude.com this summer.

Here's how the shoe looks in pieces, which you assemble yourself.

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