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Be ready with disaster preparedness apps

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

There is a wealth of information online covering what to do in a disaster, but victims of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or earthquake, seldom have access to the Internet. What they often have, on the other hand, is a smartphone, which is why a disaster preparedness app is a good thing for anyone to download.

There are many kinds of disasters and emergencies, but the nice thing about disaster readiness apps is that a few simple actions can cover a number of different situations. Most apps will also have details and recommendations for specific scenarios, too.

One of the most important apps to have is a first aid app. These help people in emergencies diagnose and treat injuries and illness until authorities arrive. But the apps don't necessarily have to focus on disaster scenarios. First aid apps can help save someone suffering from a stroke or other injury.

Popular first aid apps for Android users include First Aid (free), Pocket First Aid and CPR ($2.99) and Emergency First Aid Guide ($0.99). For iPhone and iPad users, try American Medical Aid ($2.99), Pocket First Aid and CPR ($3.99) and First Aid Guide ($1.99).

In an emergency, there's more to know than how to treat wounds. That's where the emergency preparedness apps come in handy. Disaster apps instruct you how to prepare for disasters by stocking food and water supplies, creating an escape plan and identifying hazards. And they cover a variety of situations, so the app will be handy no matter where you live or what happens.

For Android users, check out Disaster Readiness ($0.99), Disaster Survival Guide ($1.36), Survival Preparedness ($0.99), Emergency Kit Organizer (free) and Are You Ready? (free), an app from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. iPhone and iPad users should try Emergency Supply List ($0.99), Disaster Survival ($0.99) and Disaster Alert (free).

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other apps that can help in emergency situations. For instance, communication is important, so apps that can translate text to Morse code flashes on the smartphone screen (yes, there really is an app for that) or translate foreign languages (especially while traveling ) can be essential.