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Excellent Idea of the Day: Wrist Sun Protector

/ Source: Discovery Channel

Summer is nearly over, so no more worrying about sun exposure and burning! Just kidding, you should totally worry about it. Strathclyde University in Scotland has created a way to keep people on alert to sun exposure: a UV-sensitive wristband that changes from yellow to pink when levels of sun exposure get dangerous. A harmless acid-release agent in the bands dissolves when exposed to UV-rays, causing the bands to change color.

Why Sunburn Hurts The bands, unlike other UV-sensitive bands on the market, are inexpensive -- just 10 cents each -- and disposable because they're made with paper. They're also designed to used without sunscreen and have different threshold levels for exposure, depending on skin tone. In other words, fair-skinned people can purchase more sensitive bands than those people with darker tones in their skin.

Now, it seems like the bands work best on people when they aren't wearing sunscreen which, hopefully, is a rare occurrence. However, for children in school who go outside to play for recess, an accessory like this one may be a good way to keep them safe, while having fun. The bands should be on the market by spring 2013.

Very excellent idea indeed, but want to know what's an even better one? Sunscreen, everyday, all year.

via Gajitz