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Top Question of 2012? Says It's ...

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Question-and-answer site has revealed the top questions of 2012. Inquiries ranging from the trivial  –  "What is Gangnam Style?"  –  to the traumatic  –  "Why was Trayvon Martin shot?" have been posted by more than 100 million people on the site so far this year. divided the top questions into three categories: celebrities, news and politics. The person Ask users most wanted to know about this year was Kristen Stewart, one-half of America's favorite " Twilight " couple (along with co-star Robert Pattinson). "Will Rob and Kristen get back together?" was the top trending question of 2012. And according to the top answer, the couple has reconciled.

As for the news, the 2012 Olympics beat out questions about Hurricane Sandy, the "Dark Knigh Rises" movie shooting in Colorado and the launch of the  iPhone 5 . (In a follow-up survey of 2,000 users, nearly half said that they didn't see much difference between the new iPhone and its predecessors.)

In the political arena, people most frequently asked who would win the presidential election, followed by when was Bill Clinton scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Several of the questions also showed people trying to catch up with the news, such as "What did Romney say about 47 percent?" and "Why did  Clint Eastwood  talk to an empty chair?"

For a yearbook-style overview of the most buzzworthy events of 2012, watch the video.