How Google Glass Will Change Porn

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

As goes pornography, so goes the tech industry. When the porn business embraced VHS over Betamax and Blu-ray over HD DVD, videophiles of all tastes followed their lead. The next big innovation might be Google Glass, a pair of Internet-connected glasses that takes photos, records video and offers hands-free Internet access right in front of users' eyes. Once Glass launches, the porn industry intends to take full advantage of this new technology, say two insiders.

"The way that this will change porn is pretty ridiculous," said Alana Evans, a porn actress and radio host of " The Naughty Gamers Show " on Sirius XM. "It's going to cause a huge drive in POV- (point of view) style production." These videos make the viewer feel like part of the action by filming from a first-person perspective.

Missy Martinez, porn actress and co-host of Evans' show, agrees. "It might be easier to film POV gonzo-style movies," explained Martinez, referring to a newer, more experimental style of porn production.

Filming POV porn can be very difficult, as a performer has to mount an unwieldy camera on his or her shoulder while doing other things that generally require a person's full attention. By contrast, "[Glass is] essentially hands-free," said Martinez. She believes that the device may even capture video with enough fidelity to replace the traditional bulky cameras. " Glass has some high-res capabilities, and could possibly do away with handheld POV altogether." [See also: 5 Unsettling Uses of Google Glasses Camera ]

Porn producers may also take advantage of Glass by filming female POV movies, which, at present, barely constitute a genre at all. Martinez envisions a new world of possibilities, especially when it comes to lesbian productions. "I think it's a really untapped market," she said. Martinez explained that it's difficult to film woman-on-woman POV scenes with existing technology, because there are places that a cumbersome camera can't go.

Glass could offer some exciting new opportunities for viewers. "I was a big 'Choose Your Own Adventure' fan when I was a kid," said Evans, who envisions the same kind of interactivity in Glass pornography. Thanks to DVD menus and discrete chapters, this kind of production already exists, but not in a truly immersive way. "It's one thing to stare at your TV and make a choice, but to have a headset on and think you're inside the scene? It's going to change [porn's] direction."

Both Evans and Martinez also recommend connecting Glass with an existing technology called RealTouch. The RealTouch is a male sex toy that connects to the Internet and takes verisimilitude in porn to a very physical level. This device syncs with certain films and responds to actions on-screen to allow a viewer to experience the same sensations as a performer. "It'd be absolutely crazy not to use it," said Martinez. "What you're seeing is what you're feeling. I hope the technology is there. What are we doing with our scientists right now?"

Google Glass could change fashion, too. With performers bespectacled at all times, a whole new generation of viewers could develop a serious glasses fetish. No more will the sexy librarian throw her hair back and tear off her glasses. Maybe now she'll put on a pair instead.

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