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MiKandi Launches First Google Glass Porn App

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

If you like peripherals, pornography and puns, then you'll want to check out "T--s and Glass," the first-ever Google Glass app for the 18-and-over market. This simple app for sharing and rating photo and video content may represent the first step in pornography that takes advantage of Glass' unique properties.

The app comes by way of MiKandi, a prolific Android porn app developer and marketplace, "[The program] is a relatively simple application," Jen McEwen, MiKandi's co-founder, told TechNewsDaily. "The primary function is that Google Glass users can upload and share their POV [point-of-view] video and POV photos through the application. Other users can comment, vote up and share that content with the community."

The app should be familiar to anyone who has used a photo- or video-sharing service before (this includes platforms like Facebook or YouTube).

Although anyone with a Google account can access the app via its website, only Glass users will be able to take full advantage of it. "We need to put in a couple more features before we open it up to the whole web," Adams added. "Glass users can share [content]; Web users can [only] vote and comment." [See also: How Google Glass Will Change Porn ]At present, MiKandi's app has only photos available for perusal. "We'll do photos first and have support for videos next," said Jesse Adams, MiKandi's other co-founder. Clicking on a photo brings users to a new page with a larger version of the picture. From there, they can like it, add comments or tweet it. If necessary, users can also flag inappropriate (such as underage subjects) or copyrighted content.

Taking bawdy photos and video with Glass may sound enticing, but any user with a smartphone can accomplish the same thing with other apps. What sets this application apart, according to MiKandi, is the immediacy with which people will upload content.

"[If] you're at home, you might doctor [traditional photos]," Adams said. "These are fresh. You're just taking a picture of yourself and sharing it with people, knowing that something is almost semi-live."

Furthermore, while it's easy enough to take a "selfie" (a photograph of oneself) with a smartphone, the app wants to play up the experience between couples. As it turns out, capturing yourself in action with Glass is not that easy.

"We discovered it's actually pretty hard to shoot POV if it's just a solo thing, unless you're in front of a mirror," McEwen said. "Or unless you're a guy, if you catch my drift!" McEwen acknowledges that performers could always take advantage of a mirror, but believes that POV footage between couples might prove more compelling. "I think you'd get some great views there." [See also: Before Google's Project Glass, 5 Wearable Tech Flops ]

MiKandi's app is both familiar and groundbreaking, but its future is by no means assured. MiKandi has been keeping close tabs on Google Glass' terms of service, and discovered that over the weekend that they now prohibit sexually explicit apps. "We were not notified of any changes and still haven't been notified," said McEwen. "We wanted to be sure we played within Google's boundaries and push the envelope in a responsible way."

As of now, the app is still live, but McEwen is watching the account "like a hawk." With more than 5,000 visitors in its first day (more than a dozen of whom actually have Google Glass) this program certainly has legs — among other body parts.

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