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Statements by Laci's family to Scott Peterson

It was an emotional day in court as the death penalty was handed to Scott Peterson. Here are some quotes from Laci Peterson's family on their pain.

From Sharon Rocha, Laci Peterson's mother:

  • "There is unbearable sadness in my life. The Scott I knew is the one Laci loved and I entrusted him with her. You made a conscious decision to kill Laci and Conner. You planned and executed their murders. Yes, You did. You threw them away like a piece of garbage."
  • "Your arrogance lead you to believe you were more intelligent  than anyone else. You were wrong. Dead wrong. You're not intelligent at all. You're stupid. Stupid to believe murder was your only way out of marriage."
  • "You attended a Christmas party with your girlfriend while your pregnant wife went to her Christmas party alone. There was no way for me to know on December 15th that it was the last time I would ever see Laci alive. But you knew it."
  • "You are lazy, spoiled, self-centered and a coward. But above all you are an evil murderer. Not even Satan will claim to have a part in your make-up. You Scott are proof that evil can lurk anywhere. You don't have to look evil to be evil. You chose what you thought would be the easiest way out for you."
  • "Why did you murder her Scott? That's an answer we'll never get. ... How dare you murder her. She was my daughter I wanted her and always will. I trusted her. And you betrayed me, betrayed her, betrayed everyone. You selfishly cheated on her and then murdered her. I know you're nothing but an empty shell. You have no heart, no soul."  
  • "She didn't stand a chance physically against you Scott. How did that make you feel? Were you proud of yourself? Did you feel a sense of accomplishment? Relief that they were gone? There's a huge whole in my heart that will never be healed. I miss Laci so much. I miss having a daughter. I miss making plans with her. I miss teasing her, hearing her giggle. I miss her telling me about plants and new recipes, about her baby and her plans for future. I miss being my daughter's mother."
  • "I'll never meet my grandson. What kind of person would he be? Would he cry when he has his picture taken with Santa? I'll never know this because his father murdered him. Laci didn't know that Scott that sits in this courtroom. She loved you but she didn't need you."
  • "I find solace in the knowledge that you sentenced yourself to death when you murdered Laci. You took it upon yourself to be her judge and her jury and then her executioner. I only care that you get what you deserve, which is death. You didn't count on Laci's spirit, that it would be stronger than your evilness."
  • "We  had to bury Laci without her arms to hold her baby, without her head to kiss and smell her sweet little baby Conner. You have no idea what the thought of that does to my soul."
  • "I'm haunted every single day with visions of you murdering Laci. Did she know you were murdering her? Did you look her in the eye as you killed her? Was she conscious when you put her in the bay? Nothing will ever undo your evil. You deserve to be put to death as soon as possible."
  • "What were you thinking as you were killing Laci? What do you think Laci was thinking? I'll tell you what I think she was thinking, 'Scott, why are you killing me? You know how much I love you. You promised to take care of me and protect me. Scott, I don't want to die. Please, stop. Please, stop. I don't want to die.' And your son was thinking, 'Daddy, why are you killing mommy and me? Daddy, why are you killing us? We don't want to die.' You deserve to burn in hell for all eternity."

From Laci Peterson's brother, Brent Rocha:

  • "Laci and Conner are the true victims here.  I would hope that you regret the choices that you made. Maybe you don't.  Did you really hate Laci and Conner that much or did you just dislike yourself?"
  • "You are evil and you still have the readiness to commit evil. I went to buy a gun from the beginning I knew you were guilty. I didn't kill you myself for one reason. So you'd have to sweat it out."
  • "When you walk to that execution room, look out that window and you'll see Brooks Island. And you'll know Laci and Conner have come to take you away."
  • "Every time I come to San Francisco I think my sister's head is rolling around in the bay. Have you thought about what you've done?"

From Laci Peterson's stepfather, Ron Grantski:

  • "I keep going back to New Year's Eve, the vigil in the park where everybody is crying, looking for Laci, and you're on the phone, telling your girfriend you're in Paris... How your family can look at you and say you're such a great kid... Something is wrong with you and your family because that's not right. "