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Warm days, long nights, garden barbecues, and ice-cream cones on the boardwalk . . . For many of us, summer is the best season of all, when everything moves outdoors, cities come alive with festivals, and freshwater lakes and backyard pools beckon. Our list of highlights the best spots to be at the height of the season, from northern capitals that truly flourish from June through Labor Day, to cool seaside and lakefront retreats that refresh and rejuvenate. Of course, nothing is more quintessentially North American come summertime than a canoe and camping trip – don't worry, we've got you covered there, too.

CapriItaly’s most glamorous getaway, the island of Capri is one of the most picturesque islands around.

HamptonsLong stretches of sand, seaside villages, sprawling vineyards, and grand estates . . . the Atlantic-facing Hamptons are simply spectacular come summer and the perfect antidote to bustling New York City, just 120 miles away

Greek Islands
Scattered in the sparkling Aegean Sea, the Greek Islands are a much-fantasized-about summer hotspot, with Europeans and Americans alike flocking to their dazzling shores for hedonistic fun in the sun.

LondonLondon is never more animated than in the height of summer, when fair weather brings out the best in Londoners, who endure an infamously gloomy weather forecast the rest of the year.

Montreal’s joie de vivre is most visible in summer, when festivals and celebrations light up the town and droves of locals and visitors take to the streets to join the fun.

National Parks
Summer and the great outdoors go hand and hand, and the outdoors just don’t get much greater than in our national parks.

New England
New England truly springs to life between the July 4 and Labor Day holidays, when a vibrant summer culture produces a mind-boggling array of special events in the region’s many maritime and mountain towns and historic cities.

Notorious for its long, frigid winters, summer shines an entirely different light on Russia, particularly on its thriving cultural capitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

While you’d have to be a thick-skinned Viking to make it through a Scandinavian winter, happily, you needn’t be much more than a reveling vacationer with a good pair of sunglasses during the summer months.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan
If city-living gets too hot, pack up some marshmallows, hot dogs, and camping gear and head to the refreshing Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where majestic wildlife, unspoiled rivers, waterfalls, and dense forests abound.

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